AMC Orpheum 7

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AMC Orpheum is the last remaining movie theater on the Upper East Side. They were stricken by the pandemic and had been going through a considerable slow down even before the pandemic to the point where they were reduced to only one concession stand in the lobby after closing one in the basement permanently.

I recently visited the theater to watch The Conjuring the devil made me do it, and sadly there were no changes or improvements to the theater as if we never left.

Other theaters like Kips Bay and 34th Street 14 have improved their Aesthetics by installing seat warmers and tray tables.

In conclusion, AMC Orpheum is in the middle of restaurants and bars and the famous Shake Shack, Chipotle, Chickfila, and other shopping centers; it is the closest thing you’ll get to the Time Square experience, so if they are to survive, they would have to improve on every single theater to where they look exactly like their other counterparts around the city.

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