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Last Summer, the Florida theme parks opened up during the pandemic; they made changes and guidelines To Fit the climate at the time; for example, you had to wear a mask no matter where you were they had designated areas where you could take off your mask, but for the most part, the parks had a strict mask policy.

Fast forward to a year later like everyone and everything in Florida things were a little more relaxed where made more sense considering it is a lot hotter in Florida so it is impossible to spread anything but love and kindness.

As most of you know, Florida has become even more relaxed with their masks policy; you no longer have to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated when you are indoors, and when you’re outside, you don’t have to wear your mask vaccinated or not. this makes perfect sense while I understand that during the pandemic it was an unconventional situation and businesses were put in a tough spot.

Another thing that changed this year was the hours of operation; last year, Parks was only open every other day; now they’re open every day; you still have to make reservations for some locations, but that is expected with the new social distancing guidelines.

In conclusion this summer have fun wear a mask or get vaccinated be cautious but enjoy yourself and it must have law be respectful to the employees and those around you it hasn’t been easy for anyone.

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