Seralago Maingate Hotel and Suites

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Seralago has been a go-to hotel since the summer of 2017. I have been there three times, and it has changed so much since the first time I went.

Pre-covid, the amenities were simple they had a store with a restaurant attached to it they would have breakfast buffets, a magic show, And Tiki Bar at the pool. It was the perfect place to go that was affordable pet friendly & a lot better than an Airbnb

The first time I stayed, we stayed in a one-bedroom suite surrounded by the amenities like the weight room, pool, jacuzzi, volleyball court, and laundry room.

The rooms are standard. You get the usual microwave, and the mini-fridge is hidden under one of the cupboards and a 13X25 bathroom unless you get the one-bedroom suite which comes with three beds in one room, a murphy bed, and a click clack sofa bed.

The lobby had a game room, a business center, and a car rental place, within walking distance of Oldtown, in addition to the shops and restaurants in the area such as Red Lobster, pizza hut, a lovely Cuban restaurant burger king, and checkers.

Unfortunately due to covid, the hotel has taken a hit, with the rooms being in such decay where not even the soda machine or ice machine works properly with not even the light bulbs being changed the store has been eliminated which means you have to go to stores that don’t open till 9 am or walk or drive a mile to 7 eleven, public or chick-fil-a.

Now since we’re getting back to normal, it is essential to know what and how we can get back to the way it used to be, previously I had mentioned several ideas on how the hotel industry could have flourished simply by having no contact delivery to your door AKA room service where you won’t need to go anywhere all of your needs can be met at your store and all you have to focus on is touring the area and focus on your trips.

Just like AMC there are changes that can made

In conclusion, as we return to standard, it is essential to do your best to support these businesses.

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