Chipotle raises their prices to pay their workers more

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Because there is a worker shortage a lot of companies are starting to raise their pay to entice employees to come back to work one of the companies doing this is Chipotle and it doesn’t come with us sacrifice as they have announced but they will be raising their prices by 7%.

While I find this to be a good thing and Chipotle employees deserve all the raises however for those who may follow Chipotle’s model need to ask what exactly is going to make their company better.

There are many factors involved in a job, whether it’s a small business or Corporation, which includes overtime, flexible schedule, good leadership, and respect to subordinates who deal with customers on a daily.

For example, if your boss tells you upfront that they don’t pay overtime, don’t work there if they don’t provide a flexible schedule, find a job that does if you have religious or educational obligations, employers are supposed to respect that these issues are not uncommon and must be addressed.

In conclusion know your worth stand up for your rights as an employee and take time to improve your marketability and learn new skills.

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