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Hello, allow me to introduce myself; my name is Emilio Perez. I run a blog on business and education. I also love to promote small businesses.

I recently back to Kissimmee Florida I work in the most obvious place I’ll tell you some stories as soon as my project is over.

Like many people in this world, I suffer from type 2 diabetes, cerebral palsy, injuries sustained from an accident several years ago in addition to chronic depression. I tell you all this because emergency rooms and hospitals are overwhelmed with covid patients, and a lot of it has to do with the selfish nature of Florida residents. This restricts people like myself from getting the help that many people need to survive.

Since I just arrived, I noticed a cover thing; the first thing I noticed is that buddy Dyer has been the mayor of Orlando for 17 years. This information is very concerning to me considering the average term for mayor is supposed to be 8 years mayor Michael Bloomberg surpass that by 4 years that’s the first thing that worries me.

Another thing I find concern is that there are several empty Hotel along Highway 192 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway these abandoned properties can be used as makeshift hospitals and shelters turning it into a workers shelter would provide companies that have been struggling with finding employees to work at their establishment by hiring people who are homeless this is something I learned when I volunteered With Victory Outreach men’s and women’s Rehabilitation programs.

My politics are fairly simple I am a progressive independent I’m pro-choice I believe in hiring and housing homeless people I’m also Pro small business a living wage core education and Medicare for all.

Now onto my conclusion if there is anyone, this is an offer anybody that is running for mayor of Kissimmee and Orlando or governor or even running against Matt Gaetz I will campaign or phonebank for you, but you have to advocate for Affordable Health Care a living wage comprehensive sex education true history you can make CRT optional for kids who may want to learn it or make it mandatory for bullies

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