Youtube demonstration & censorship issue

While I am not a YouTuber I tend to watch a lot of YouTube videos and subscribe to multiple channels in addition to promoting them.

As a blogger, I understand how hard they work to bring content to their Target audiences whether it’s news, business, politics, entertainment, education, health, gaming or technology, etc..

Which is why I am against the idea of censorship however it depends on the content we have to be responsible with the content we put out and we also have to do our best to monitor our target audience.

The thing about YouTube Facebook and twitch is that their terms of service can be extremely vague and I believe it’s like that for reason however does it make a right every person has a right to defend their position you can’t do that if they don’t tell you what they feel you did wrong.

One example of this is Twitch Banning dr. Disrespect and not even telling him why they banned him however name like dr. Disrespect he probably pissed somebody off but that’s his brand he’s a professional shit talker I’ve never seen his dreams before and never heard of him until he got banned from twitch another one of my favorite channels internet today formerly known as ETC which was an affiliate of Machinima before Rick and Elliot went their own separate ways their recent video where they talk about dr. Disrespect and Twitter Bitcoin hack

  had been taken down for some odd reson

Luckily there video was restored and classified as a mistake YouTube “accidentally” struck their video down in addition to that review and reaction videos & channels are being taken down with copyright strikes we’re allowing Studios to dictate how we critique and react to they’re content Disney struck down a video on the pre season finale of 911 of small YouTuber Tech & ish but didn’t strike down the 20 other episodes of 911 and 911 Lonestar that he reviewed.

It’s only going to get worse from here since Facebook just bought mixer which is now Facebook gaming (also side note if anyone on Facebook gaming needs me to promote their Channel you can DM me on Twitter and I’ll take care of you)

In conclusion, There have been many competitors to YouTube and Facebook however many have failed due to the lack of support there is a new startup called bitchute it has its issues you can’t cast it on your phone so it’s kind of like quibi in that sense you also have this other streaming service which is more of a pay-to-play type of thing called nebula which you probably have seen promotions for on Legal Eagles Channel the only way these companies are going to learn is there we boycott YouTube and Facebook by going to other platforms like mewe It’s the only social network built on trust, control and love or go back to Myspace.

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Who really benefits Riots and looters

A while back I did a Blog discussing the business aspect of protesting in addition Last Week Tonight John Oliver also did a segment on paid protesting due to the death of George Floyd many people are taking this opportunity to commit insurance fraud, market manipulation, devaluing property and false arrest.

This technique is called astroturfing and it is used as a way for corporations to take a legitimate movement an infiltrated to turn it into something negative this is often done to either delegitimize or distract a movement.

During these riots, a lot of companies like Target spoke out about the rioters and looters mainly showing understanding and sympathy for rioters and looters well large businesses can afford the insurance that is caused by the damage of the rioters and looters small businesses we’re unable to do so especially since they’ve been out of business for about three months due to the COVID-19 outbreak well you had some small businesses who might have taken the opportunity to use this to their advantage since I’m guessing insurance companies didn’t cover pandemics.

There was another incident at a Wendy’s in Georgia where Rashard Brooks was shot and killed by two Georgia police officers who have been charged in the death of Mr. Brooks who was killed after he attempted to evade and detour arrests by authorities by taking the cops taser and trying to use it against them after that incident took place they burned down the Wendy’s who stood in solidarity.

So here are the groups of people that actually benefit from riots and looting the insurance company real estate agents property owners failing business owners and politicians racist and media who will use the riots and looting as an excuse for their hatred I’ve seen people go as far as equating black lives matters peaceful protesters WITH infiltrators rioters looters and murderers which by its own right is wrong.

In conclusion, if you’re going to process make sure you know who is marching with you and not against you you need to do a better job at vetting.

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Changing the narrative

Over the course of 4 years, I have spoken about changing the narrative that has been portrayed by the media and by bad faith actors like criminals and gang members who look just like us.

Barack Obama was one of many who did what he could to do so he once said: be the change you want to see in the world it is what many believe and set out to do people like Boyce Watkins, Dr. Umar johnson, Nostradamus (rapper) LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Jay Morrison Chef Jeff Henderso, rock harper, nafise banga even J Alexander kueng one of the officers who were involved in the George Floyd murder who joined the police force to change the police force from the inside.

However the only way we’re going to make a change is if we work together as a community that means all of us has to do our part even the police that we ourselves don’t want to work with have to work with them to make changes to the system that means reallocating resources to go to schools after school programs vocational training and college education in addition to conflict resolution and gang prevention programs like get out stay out save Harlem and cease fire among many others.

Boyce Watkins, Dr. Umar johnson, Nostradamus (rapper) LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Jay Morrison, Chef Jeff Henderson, rock harper, fis banga and countless others who continue to fight for equality and change are coming from a place of compassion and experience unlike the rappers out there who are just trying to get your money.

Racism and crime are a pollutant we must also throw away sometimes you have to clean up the trash in order to see the floor.

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The war on work

In this Millennia that we live in, there has been a war waging against work. A lot of it has to do with a lack of passion and motivation, among other social issues such as child care, Healthcare, and time management the proper however a lot of it has to with the propaganda is that a lot of multi-level marketing companies spread.

Employees in menial jobs who aren’t pushing for further education are unmotivated and can you care less about whatever situation; They often bring there home with them to work; some don’t value the time nor the opportunity nor the money, they come to work, not even doing the minimum they lack customer service call out for whatever reason and come in late to work.

However Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic where they shut down businesses and jobs that were deemed non-essential since the epidemic both customers and employees a big box stores like Target & Costco’s saw newfound respect and appreciation for the work that has been done, someone who is coming from retail can understand that dealing with people, not an easy job. However, it is not as hard as the medical staff and police officers had during this pandemic.

New York and Michigan did a poor job addressing protesters’ concerns, especially Governor Andrew Cuomo after he came out and said in frustration if you want to go back to work get an essential job; while, those considered essential were still not taken care of like delivery drivers who were denied access to the restrooms.

This pandemic sparked a debate on what’s essential and what’s non-essential depending on the service they provide, for example, a liquor store is as essential a church and is not Church’s are crucial to mental health.

In my opinion, any business and or duty that provides a service you need (not want) for therapeutic, physical, and mental health or helps prevent the spread of other diseases, addiction, and mental illness is essential; This should not have included liquor stores but should have included massage parlors barbershops and hair Salon under OSHA guidelines of the length of facial and head hair especially when the mask has to fit your nose and mouth.

I will leave you with these two videos from Mike Rowe of dirty jobs

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John Schneider interview with Ethan Klein H3 H3

On February 10, 2020 John Schnatter the founder and former CEO of Papa John’s sat down with Ethan Klein podcast H3 H3 the interview is 2 hours long and not only talks about everything John has gone through since leaving Papa John’s over the controversy of his use of the n-word but a serious conversation about cancel culture customer service and quality control.

John Schnatter is a victim of cancel culture and public shaming something that John Oliver had covered on his show last season where he even interviewed Monica Lewinsky who is a victim of circumstance considering in the acts of former President Clinton.

In the interview, he talks about the day of the call and how the company kept pushed past issues of commentary on the NFL kneeling controversy which he discusses the reasons for his NFL comments, and in order for him to move on to the next topic he decided to say he’s not like Colonel Sanders and that he would never say the n-word while using the n-word in a different context which should never be said under any circumstance it’s a forbidden word.

He also states that the media company that he had the interview with had tried to blackmail him for $6,000,000 dollars with the tape that they had of him saying the word and everyone threw him under the bus, he claims this was done to remove him from the board so they can take over the company while this is not the case cancel culture tends to take down innocent bystanders along the way through a process called Guilty By Association if you just send them you are guilty their wrongdoing you’re either with us or against us type of mentality the board was trying to distance the brand from the controversy.

Since his departure quality and Leadership of management has changed, I haven’t had Papa johns pizza in over 12 years, but I will say their services were better than dominoes and since they use delivery services like Postmates it’s also a lot easier to see when your food is arriving unlike dominos

I have to say though if John Schneider decided to have his own show where he pretty much eats and fixes small restaurants that’s a show I would tune in to every week just like Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and back.

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Covid-19 affected everything

Due to the unfortunate situation, a lot of people are suffering from financial hardship, depression & death of family which is why it is important to understand everyone’s perspective.

Initially, I was going to talk about social media and YouTube censorship and demonetization tactics because I think that’s very important however I also want to talk about how we need to listen to one another and not be so quick to shut them down even speak to each other about the solution instead of shutting each other down

So the first thing I want to get to is YouTube demonetization while YouTube has already explained that their system is flawed when it comes to their algorithm programs.

I believe that’s the way YouTube is handling videos and demonetization is contributing to there main issues because anyone that mentioned word COVID-19 their videos were demonetized which prevented talks about business, health mental and physical, or entertainment about the consequences of this virus.

YouTube has probably taken down hundreds of videos with dissenting opinions which contributes to conspiracy theorists rising up.

Even though YouTube doesn’t have to do because the fakers will take them down themselves just to look like martyrs, the same thing is happening on Facebook Twitter and Instagram because of this; it leaves no room for debate.

In recent days president of the United States recently signed an executive order against social media companies after Twitter decided to fact-check the president on mail-in voting.

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The honey pot company

In honor of women’s History Month, I want to talk about the honey pot company what is a black-owned female company that produces plant-based products for females.

Bea Dixon

Launched in 2014 by Bae Dixon who speaks about her experience with suffering from bacterial vaginosis months. She got the ingredients from a family recipe turn it down from generation to generation She created the formula for an effective, clean feminine wash and It worked!

Flash Forward to today Target decided to invest in her business and its own shows everywhere now because of the attention that she’s received her business is now booming however it does not come without unwarranted scrutiny over the idea that it’s a black-owned business and the fact that it has been paraded as such.

most of you guys already know I asked you for more black-owned businesses while I take out the black-owned in the advertisement in order to be more inclusive and others can also buy and they’re not so dependent on their community depending on the product at hand because not every product is made the same way especially when talking about hair products.

I applaud anybody who starts their own business because that is something not everybody can do no matter who it is we should always sport businesses such as long as. carry the products that we essentially need the one thing that makes this company great is that it is eco-friendly and organic which makes it safe or everybody doesn’t come with chemicals that they put in other products that may affect each and every person in a different way.

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If you’re struggling with your MLM products here’s what you should do

As a person who was in several multi-level marketing companies over the years and have failed every one of them, it’s very rare that I’ve ever Join another MLM, however considering the fact that I have worked for not one but two successful companies that have helped me strategize on what I can do to at least not recruit but sell the products if the opportunity ever came to me.

Two of the best companies that I actually work for that I was able to successfully make a significant change in my lifestyle, it has everything, from guaranteed income, a flexible schedule you can literally work when you want, maybe not from the comfort of your own couch though however, you can work from the comfort of your car or your favorite location, like Starbucks, McDonald’s the gym, you can even travel the world just as long as you follow the law of every state it’s the best company to join if you are struggling in an MLM.

These companies give awesome bonuses and referral commissions and the best part is if your friends are family members don’t have this service you can refer them and get discounts for referring them, and the perks are phenomenal you get discounts on gas, phone bill, you can even get affordable health insurance this is one of those things where if you do enough work you can actually make a living spend time with your family and make as much as you want during all seasons and the best part about it it’s completely FREE.

Okay so if you haven’t guessed it by now as mentioned before in my other previous blogs I deliver for Uber and Postmates I have also done to work with field agent and I’ve also been working with brand ambassador which is a pretty good app for influencers.

Back to Uber and Postmates, these are very great platforms to you if you need to get rid of excess product and make sales especially with Postmates because Postmates is more versatile they deal Duane Reade, grocery stores you name it so as you make these deliveries you can place whatever product you’re selling as long as it reflects what they’ve just bought gives me a sample as to compare and contrast this is something I probably would have done had I had the resources that it takes to be in an MLM.

With any business, you do it takes the right strategy and creativity all in all whether it’s Uber, Postmates, wonolo, field agent anything in the gig economy, these apps have made it easier now to make a living and not drive your friends, family and yourself crazy.

In conclusion, when you work for Uber or Postmates or any other companies that I have mentioned and listed it’s an opportunity to get real income coming in rather than going out and the only things that you may have to purchase is a vehicle and a portable charger.

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Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and back Southern Boulevard

Still in Arkansas Gordon Ramsay visits Southern Boulevard AKA sobos in Little Rock Arkansas a Korean-American restaurant, owned and operated by Jermaine 1/2 black half Korean man who wanted to open up a restaurant make his parents proud and provide the American dream or his family however, unfortunately, his lack of experience with the service industry shows.

Gordon decides to work in the back as your sound man where can we see up close and personal the rotten produce dirty stove, food cooked improperly, cross-contamination and microwaved food.

During the staff meeting, both Veronica who is the waitress and acts as manager along with his girlfriend are doing everything possible to help Jermaine so Gordon agrees to step in or 24-hours.

During the kitchen inspection, things are a lot worse than it originally appeared with a non-working fridge and damaged products pulled pork that’s been expired 4 months a kitchen that has been clean in 8 months hot blood-soaked chicken the excuse that had Chef gave was that there is no leadership in the back of house in addition to being disgruntled over the Lack leadership and leadership.

Gordon recruits Michael a local Chef in Little Rock, his experience revolves around his father’s restaurant and his experience in food.

The new head chef Michael knocks it out of the park finishing a successful relaunch well that is happening Gordon assists, Jermaine, in confidence and Leadership while he started off Rocky he continues to improve through the night.

In conclusion, when you going to any business you have to do your research and Edition be sure to not only keep your employee’s happy talk to your employees and those around you to figure out ways you can improve on the restaurant management, or if you really want to have your business work for you then you need to hire general manager to run the plates

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Bear’s Den Pizza 24 hours to hell and back

Gordon Ramsay set aside out of Pizzeria bear Den Pizza in a college town in Conway Arkansas owned by Brad and Steven they are co-owners of Bruster’s and Bears Pizza Den

Brad is conservative has a wife and family, Steven is it happy with a clear substance abuse problem which is causing problems not only in the business but in a friendship as well Steven has spent his time at the restaurant destroying the foundation poking holes and breaking furniture the decor is ripped and the kitchen does not have a working stove as a pizza oven and a microwave.

As you first walk into the restaurant a couple things that are noted

  • Drinking on the job
  • Filthy Grill
  • Microwave food
  • Poorly stored food (canned cheese)
  • Infestation
  • Uncalibrated freezer
  • Inventory unaccounted for

After Gordon takes off his hippie disguised he takes a guest outside to show everyone what is going on Brad meets the crew at Hell on Wheels.

After talking to the employees it is apparent that Brad is not in control of the situation Brad has allowed Steven to take control over Bears Den which has lead to disastrous results for the point where the employees we’re ready to quit because of Stevens Behavior.

After a drastic look at the kitchen Gordon makes it clear to them that they need to step it up and clean everything in the kitchen in order to move forward and that’s exactly what they do.

While the team is preparing the restaurant the cooks are learning the new menu Gordon decides to sit with Brad and explain to him that he needs to remove Steven from the restaurant after talking to Brad Cordon set aside at Steven who is dealing with substance abuse and depression from his failed is among other things he tries to convince Gordon that he quit drinking but Gordon knows better.

As relaunch is approaching Brad and Gordon try to convince Steven to step back Brad offers Steve a role as a silent partner so he can check himself into a rehabilitation center Which is how anyone employer or partner should conduct business.

With the new kitchen and the decor looking amazing the doors are finally open relaunch however the chef still need a little more training but with the house of Gordon and his team the Pizza makers bounce back and with that they end the night on a great note and a successful relaunch

Three months later they’re doing pretty well and Steven is doing a lot better.

In conclusion when you’re running a business with someone you have to hold each other accountable when something is not being done that includes letting anything’s pass and when it comes to issues so sensitive as substance abuse you have to handle it with love and compassion.

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