Super straights

Let’s talk about the free market and how some people don’t know how to use it or ignore to say the least this one involves a community of people who want to cause distraction and chaos I bring you the super straight community.

The super Straight community is based off this idea that men and women would like to date A natural born Man or woman Which I understand Many people consider this to be homophobic or transphobic and while I agree that it started as such these people don’t need the attention they’re getting because what they fail to realize is that unless the person is vindictive enough most people use apps like Grindr or go to lgbtq bars and meetups.

While these situations do happen they are very rare but at times highly-publicized which is why I want to encourage honesty in addition to using apps and going to specific locations Because it is unfair to attack someone who’s been like to that’s gaslighting.

There are some people who Will love you no matter who you are So be open And upfront with them At the start.

Final point make no mistake this is a distraction just like Potatos, old books and rabbits.

This is just my opinion I prefer to focus on what really affects our lives such as mental health, anti-bullying, and Financial self-improvement

Ubereats and Postmates Walker

This is a subject I want to touch it on because I think it’s important to understand ubereats and Postmates potential earnings, their advertisement is slightly inaccurate and I believe this to be problematic.

Postmates and ubereats potential earnings promise you $27 an hour this is only possible if you have a mode of transportation like a car, bike, or scooter of some sort. you’re not going to make that as a walker you are making $10 an hour as a walker with minimum payouts ranging from $2.36 at delivery 4 dollars of delivery and you’re lucky and you get Postmates money because they may offer you one or two deliveries a day.

both companies have bonuses that can be achieved by completing a certain amount of deliveries for Example; On post mates, if you make 4 deliveries they will guarantee you 17.50 so as long as your earnings for 4 deliveries is that amount after tips.

Uber Quests bonus guarantees these amounts when you complete

Other than that if you don’t have any limitations as I do with a bad back and cerebral palsy or if you have a friend with a car or able to rent a car, Citi bike, Revel Moped, or a scooter and a portable charger your good.

Anyway that’s all I have for today if you want to learn how you can get the job or career that you want or want to learn how to utilize your degree that you’ve been paying so much money for feel free to check out my other blogs or if you want to learn more about Twitter marketing click here & don’t forget to check out my small businesses, small streamers of the week and consider purchasing a CEO SHIRT



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The Conners S2E11 mud turtle, a good steak and a man in tub

In this episode of the Conners Jackie and Becky meet with a supplier and Darlene learns how things really work in college admissions when her daughter Harris gets into college.

In the start of the episode Jackie meets with a friendly supplier who mentions something that always happens in the B2B industry which is the competitive market through undercutting the competition this is something that a lot of people who sell to businesses are guilty of whether it’s marketing, food, insurance, etc… this isn’t always a bad thing but it also isn’t always a good thing when shopping for supplier you must look at everything just because the prices good doesn’t mean the food itself is good it may be low-quality it is better to negotiate a price whether supplier with good quality food then it is to go with the lowest quality food for the lowest price.

Jackie then makes the decision to go with the supplier rather than discussing it with her partner Becky because she fancies her friendship, business and friendship don’t always go hand-in-hand but it’s not unusual for businesses to build a relationship with a potential buyer it’s actually a standard practice for example whenever you go to a timeshare they have this magnificent breakfast ready for you I guess ready after the presentation and this wonderful tour this is to entice the customer go with to buy from you however it is important that when you have a partner that you and your partner on the same page this is actually going to be more relevant in tonight’s episode Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and hours.

I need to be on to the B plot Harris’s educational choice, Darlene’s daughter Harris gets into central Illinois state but before Darlene gets excited Harris reveals that she got hired at price warehouse where she can get a business degree online for $350 a semester but after a lot of convincing her to go on a tour for her mother.

After the tour, they meet with the financial aid office and it turns out that well her writing skills are pretty good Kyra still does not qualify for grants or scholarships and has to take out student loans which would accurately put her in debt for 20 years this is a major issue in the world where students are being put into deck just for a good education.

At the end of the conversation, Darlene blurts out a major talking point in a lot of people’s minds which is that college is a scam while I personally don’t agree with this notion and believe that college is not only necessary but should be affordable especially when in order to have an actual living wage you need some form of Education or skill whether it be some form a trade or certification but not all certifications are created equal I will get to that in a later blog.

At the end of the episode, Becky finally convinces to cut the order in half Jackie talks to the supplier and always perceived to be a way to Furness Jackie turned out to be a genuine friendship and an encouraging message on female empowerment.

In conclusion, whether it’s college or business you should always look at your options there’s always an alternative.

That’s all I have for you today check out my like a boss review if you haven’t seen it I have a non-spoiler review as well also set your calendars for February 11th the Conners are going live on ABC.


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