24 hours to hell and back episode 2

In episode 2 Chef Gordon goes to the Jersey Shore to help a fancy restaurant called blend on Main in Manasquan, New Jersey which is co-owned and operated by chef Lou Smith.

it used to receive it’s the best season during the summer months when people are on vacation however 10 months of the year it was struggling so just get by since the episode already has been doing a lot better.

During the start of the episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay explains the overworked father-of-three has been trying to juggle the business and his family life since he’s opened up the restaurant, his frustration has caused him to lash out constantly at his employees to the point where some of them have walked out on him his anger has also been a major issue than his marriage.

This is something that I can relate to being a workaholic like my father who is 48 when he died of a massive heart attack spent 22 hours of his days running a restaurant with my stepmother in the East Tremont section of the Bronx.

Due to the discovery, Gordon Ramsay on the shore Gordon enlists his friend and fellow Chef James Avery,
Chef Avery disguises himself as a pilot with Botox, while Gordon Ramsay dresses up as a cameraman

At the restaurant, Gordon Ramsay takes his camera into the kitchen and finds Lou wiping down his face and the plate with the same rag and after the two go out with the big reveal you can see the issues with the restaurant poor food handling, rotten food and harsh treatment towards employees and his wife.

After the guests leave Gordon decides to spend some time with the staff to get their Insight on what is wrong with the state of the restaurant and they confirmed that it is due to the negative energy that he throws out into the atmosphere which is a factor of being overworked and overall stress of possibly losing his restaurant.

After sitting down with the staff Gordon sets his sights on Lou who doesn’t see that the mounting pressure that he puts on himself and his staff will eventually lead to his death and loss of everything and everyone and his life that is the most important which makes sense you have to have trust with your employees and you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of everything else

Later on, he starts working with the cooks on the new menu he eventually shows Lou that she can trust his staff and if that does a phenomenal job showing him that he can trust them I got the job done.

With 24 hours of hell and the staff are ready for the relaunch of Blend on main the doors are reopened and it is a complete success with a few minor hiccups, it takes heed to Ramsey’s advice and changes his tone with his wife and his crew, 3 months later business is booming and everything worked out for the better.

There are several ways for a business to improve all year round especially being in a location such as the Jersey Shore.

  • Inviting Meetups
  • Renting out your venue for corporate and political events
  • Using Food Service apps such as seamless, Uber Eats door dash, and Postmates to increase sales
  • Using social media
  • Bring customers in from the streets
  • Group on
  • Publicity

If you like to learn more I also have an old blog 7 Ways to Promote your Business

That’s all I have for you today check out my like a boss review if you haven’t seen it I have a non-spoiler review as well


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Like a boss second look ( spoiler review)

After watching like a boss for second time a lot of things caught my attention Tiffany haddish I didn’t interview with Breakfast Club on Thursday where she was not only promoting the movie but speaking financially woke as Dr. Boyce Watkins would say however this movie displayed far from progressive I would go as far as saying it was very cliche of the black stereotype and white savior.

Like a boss is about 2 lifelong friends Mel and Mia who start a Makeup Company there are two employees which are played by Billy Porter(barret) and Jennifer Coolidge who adds to the chemistry of the film.

Where we get into a little bit of trouble in this film is the setup of these characters Mia which is the eccentric boss of the 2 who loves to party, never gets anything done, leaves a mess her partner to clean up and who has a different idea on how a business is run which bad unless it prevents you from bringing in profit and doesn’t always listen to her partner, then you have Mel the one with good credit handles the finances and ultimately comes up with this crazy idea of accepting an offer after she fails to explain to her business partner Mia that they are in debt and they need this help and has a lack of confidence and always seeks approval which is exploited in the movie.

The movie starts off with a montage how they went from an online business in Mia’s mother’s garage to a brick and mortar soon humble beginnings.

At the beginning of the film, the ladies stop by the store before heading to their friend’s baby shower where we are introduced to Barrett(Billy Porter) and Jen (Jennifer Coolidge) Jen is one of the beauty technicians and Barrett handles manufacturing products that they sell called one nightstand.

While Mia does her thing Mel goes to back to check on Barrett where she learned that Mia who is supposed to finish the bags of makeup didn’t finish because she ate an edible and as I have put it off till the next day Mel also learns that they are behind on production of their signature product, in addition, she gives unnecessary discounts Mel explains to them that they need to keep up with production and not give these discounts out because they’re losing money.

At their friends baby shower, you can see and hear by Mel’s facial expressions and voice that she is definitely hiding something one of her friends parents talks about how her daughter sold her company for a great prophet which makes Mel feel like a failure so much so that she needs a break though she goes upstairs and smoke a joint with Mia as they’re talking I hear the girls coming upstairs and they notice that the baby is in the room with them that they’re smoking in, so they hide outside where they are immediately caught Mel feels ashamed and can’t handle the judgment but Mia comes out and Save the Day and tells her friends off before she takes off her weave and both jump into the water.

The next day Mel reflects what her friends were saying chats with Mia about it we also learn about Mel’s backstory about how Mia took her in when her mother was on meth.

In the next scene they return to the store to find The Apprentice played by (Karan Soni) in the shop waiting for them, he explains that they have attracted the attention of Claire Luna played by Salma Hayek Mia is put back by it not knowing how bad things really are and doesn’t want to go through with it but Mel convinces her to at least see what she has to offer especially considering that if they don’t Shape Up you’re going to lose the business within 6 months.

While waiting for the meeting Mia finally asks the question how bad are they in debt Mal explains that they are $493,000 in debt Mia is shocked to hear that things have gotten that bad and Mel feels as if she has failed her friend and business partner even though it is the other way around( side note when in business you must discuss with your partner everything that is going on it is important to be honest no matter what the circumstances).

They meet with Claire and Claire offers them a deal that Mel can’t refuse Mia objects and after a drink and karaoke Mia finally agrees and when they meet again with Claire Luna Claire offers turn 51% of the company just as long as things don’t go south between the ladies Mia assures her that that’s not going to happen.

That day they are given the task of coming up with a proposal that Claire can use at her launch party, as they are discussing what their proposal should be for their brand Mia decides that she wants to party before she thinks about what she’s going to say at the party Mel is the one that’s pulling the work trying to find out what’s the best strategy after Mia’s sexcapades end they smoke a joint and get ready to eat some fries they get back to work on it and come up with a great proposal that they dub proud which Claire in an attempt to manipulate rejects.

And the next scene Claire come to the store and checks out Barrett’s station and Barrett, unfortunately, admits that he does 75 he can do more but why to go hard, so Claire decides to mass-produce the product and tells Mel to fire Barrett and Mel obliges.

Mel and Mia’s next task is to come up with another product that she can sell Mel comes up with the idea of double-sided lipstick which as a business you definitely want to have more products just to stay consistent and creative with your business.

After they fire Barrett days later they go to their friend’s birthday party where her friend hires an executive chef who teaches them how to make cuisines during this time the two begin to argue over the current situation and how clear has totally been manipulating the company that they started together while no one is looking, Mel spikes Mia a stuffed pepper with more ghost peppers this part of the movie is a little tone deaf.

Claire continues to manipulate Mia and Mel by refusing to work with them because they didn’t live up to her expectations Mia makes a scene Mel apologizes for her then Mia decides to be the stereotypical Mad Black Woman by taking Claire’s Club and is smashing the window.

Claire convinces Mel to come to a network event where she can show off her skills Mel then drags Mia with her to the event that is when Claire manipulates them one last time and criticizes there artistic expression for Mel to try to fix the issue to try to impress Claire and Mia finally giving up and Calling it Quits which gives Claire 51% of the company the girls split.

Mel stays with the house while Mia stage with her boyfriend and then you have the friendly Montage of getting the girls back together as Mia meet with Barrett he tells Mia what she needs to hear how she took Mel’s friendship for granted and Mel learns the truth about Claire’s initial intention she steals her idea and gives it to masculine friends Mel and Mia get back together in the most cliche cell phone scene possible.

They begin to get their things together create a new product ride or die and they crash Claire’s lunch party where she tries to play everything off and gives into the girl’s man’s not knowing that they had a new investor which is Claire’s former partner play by Lisa Kudrow who reminds Claire that they still own 49% of the company so regardless she still has to pay them for a company that she helped build it back up while simultaneously trying to break it down.

Finally, in the end, their company is a huge success and becomes a franchise Mel convinces Mia to say that they made it with Mel’s guidance and that is the end of the movie.

When you take away all the racist stereotypes the movie does the job to educate the audience and to provide entertainment both had a lot to contribute to the film but that realization was lost in the constant cliches when it comes to business and accepting investors and the controls that the investors tend to have you saw this in the situation with John Schnatter from Papa John’s who was removed for saying the n-word during a conference call that he believes was taken out of context

Thank you for reading this is the second look of like a boss I still believe that anyone who wants to open up their own business should watch this movie or can watch Joy or Horrible Bosses 2 which are both on Amazon Prime.


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Hallmark Channel

Recently The Hallmark Channel accidentally aired an ad for Zola a wedding planner and registry website, that was never supposed to go out, it featured a lesbian wedding 2 women kissed no big deal it was quite beautiful.

A conservative group called 1 million moms who are active on Twitter and Facebook informed the Hallmark Channel of the error, ( threaten to boycott them) suggesting that it wasn’t age-appropriate nor did it fall in line with Hallmark’s standards so they removed the ad.

About a week later Zola reminded them of their contractual agreement and was disappointed that one of their ads that they paid for was no longer going to be aired during their Christmas specials (which is often recorded on their consumers DVRs on-demand or streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime) many supporters of LGBTQ saw the hard work of the cast and crew and wanted to make sure that they were recognized for their work. ( so they threatened to boycott)

As a result of fans and celebrities coming together to express concern on December 16th, 2019 the ad was reinstated and can be viewed all around the world which thanks to the attention people already have and like the president of the United States, all three parties iI addition to Hallmark’s competitors have been given free media attention.

In conclusion, you’re not going to make everybody happy and it’s very difficult to know who would have seen this ad considering the fact that cable is dying and commercials can mostly be seen on the internet than on cable thanks to the power of DVRs unless you’re watching a movie live or an on-demand channel that removed the Fast forward feature then you have no choice but to watch the ad all this really did was create a Streisand effect.

Thanks for reading

Popeye’s chicken sandwich

I have done my best to try to stay on the topic to provide you with content of business and education but today I’m going to talk about something very important because it’s something that continues to trend and that is the Popeyes chicken sandwich and the frenzy it has come with it.

Fights have been breaking out people pulling guns out on the employees over this nonsense a man is dead over a freaking sandwich it has become a running joke and meme this has to stop.

For those are you guys flocking tell Popeyes to get a chicken sandwich why not take that same money and energy into supporting a business in the minority community or instead of flogging to Popeye’s her chicken sandwich go to a college open house lineup to sign up for the military or go vote!

Popeyes is not just a corporation it’s a franchise and it’s a franchise like a subway or 711, Where the stores are independently owned the same way these franchisees profited off of your fuckary you can too.

Seriously though we have to do better as a community time to change the narrative.

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Darren Marlar of Marlar’s house who does weird darkness and weird news daily also join Darren Marlar to Battle the darkness his campaign to help people who struggle with depression and Suicidal thoughts which I’ve also struggled with in the past.

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Dealing with guest accommodation

When dealing in the area of fine dining it is extremely important to accommodate everyone accordingly while there are some requests that cannot be fulfilled nor should be fulfilled there a ways to go around doing so.

A perfect example of this would be Buffalo Wild Wings where a group of 18 guests came into the restaurant to celebrate a birthday/celebration after a Junior basketball tournament The Host who attempted to ensure that the group had a pleasant experience and attempted not to seat the group of 18 near a regular guests who had unsavory preferences and knew that things would get really ugly had sat them near his table after they were seated shortly after they were asked to move their table to accommodate the regular this indeed was a bad move.

It doesn’t matter how much a person tips or how regularly they come, if you give in to one person demand they will always ask for more if there is no other table for them to sit except for there then the customer has to deal with his/her grievance or he or she can leave or be moved to another table its easier to move 2 than 18.

In closing if I was the host knowing the situation I wouldn’t ask about race sexual orientation or religion of the customer, what I would have done instead was fined another seating arrangement if that was the only area that had the longest table I would then advise regular of the situation I would offer him another seat somewhere else he can grin and bear, or get his order to go.

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