Build up the Harvest

In the time we’re living in its important to To build a harvest currently were in a state of revolution Donald Trump being in office changes a lot which is why I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to begin going up your portfolio invest in infrastructure, your own business and Real estate. If you are a current homeowner these are definitely good steps to take

• Build a green house to protect from pesticides

• Utilize what you have

• Use all forms of energy live off the grid

• Collect rainwater as well as condensation from heat and cold

• Grow your own food

• Buy organic and local food

• Buy in bulk

Reason being we have no idea what’s in our grass if it’s not local then we could be getting GMO’s and hormones in our food which causes early development in females cancer and epilepsy, a study conducted by Cornell reported in 2015 According to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, some 30 million to 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant, including up to 75 percent of African Americans and American Indians and 90 percent of Asian Americans. I want you to let that sink in for a second this is why it’s important to know at least what we’re putting in our bodies.

Cherish pads organic pads for women

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Seven ways to build up your brand and business

All right you guys all know that there are several ways to make money and build your business and brand in this day and age I’m going to be speaking on how to actually make money on these different platforms and even launch your business such as, Crowed sourcing websites and real estate.

if you have a restaurant or bar thats struggling look on Meetup’s to see if there’s any groups that are looking for venues and invite them to your establishment and offer them a section just for them. For example Star Trek group meets at the café R on 33rd St. the fourth Friday of every month and sometimes they have special events especially if your like Hornblower who runs A variety of events.

If you have a venue or space for a day which can grow into a month to month basis

The great thing about the world we live in today is that you no longer need a bank in order to start your own business if you had a product you want to sell you can find backers on or it’s a great to get support from your peers and your community

Utilize all forms of social media












5. Blogs advertise if you don’t have one of your own then you can have someone else blog for you. I charge $10- $20 a blog for them and depending on the situation your first one might be free but I have to make money somehow

6. Start a social Group where you can use your niche to attract the people who are interested in what you could possibly be selling.

7. Social marketing which includes flyers recommendation from friends that sort of thing

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