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Recently The Hallmark Channel accidentally aired an ad for Zola a wedding planner and registry website, that was never supposed to go out, it featured a lesbian wedding 2 women kissed no big deal it was quite beautiful.

A conservative group called 1 million moms who are active on Twitter and Facebook informed the Hallmark Channel of the error, ( threaten to boycott them) suggesting that it wasn’t age-appropriate nor did it fall in line with Hallmark’s standards so they removed the ad.

About a week later Zola reminded them of their contractual agreement and was disappointed that one of their ads that they paid for was no longer going to be aired during their Christmas specials (which is often recorded on their consumers DVRs on-demand or streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime) many supporters of LGBTQ saw the hard work of the cast and crew and wanted to make sure that they were recognized for their work. ( so they threatened to boycott)

As a result of fans and celebrities coming together to express concern on December 16th, 2019 the ad was reinstated and can be viewed all around the world which thanks to the attention people already have and like the president of the United States, all three parties iI addition to Hallmark’s competitors have been given free media attention.

In conclusion, you’re not going to make everybody happy and it’s very difficult to know who would have seen this ad considering the fact that cable is dying and commercials can mostly be seen on the internet than on cable thanks to the power of DVRs unless you’re watching a movie live or an on-demand channel that removed the Fast forward feature then you have no choice but to watch the ad all this really did was create a Streisand effect.

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How do you deal with belligerent guest

Guest safety and security is the most important thing to have in the service industry which is why we must beware of customers who are unruly or belligerent this is how you’re supposed to deal with those customers.
Depending on the environment certain accommodations must be met whether it’s the volume of the music or the volume of the crowd, for example, the atmosphere the Olive Garden might differ from dining at Dave & Buster’s or Dallas BBQ.
When dealing with issues of guests either being unruly belligerent or just plain loud it is important that you follow these protocols, if there is a complaint concerning the volume of the crowd then you might consider asking them to lower their voices however if you’re dealing with a guess that is belligerent or drunk then that person needs to be removed in a swift manner.
If the guests start arguing with other guests or causing a scene to be sure to separate them from the rest of the group do not under any circumstances victimized the customers victims a month ago there was an incident where a guest was celebrating his anniversary news attacked by a man who used racial slurs when management stepped in to try to defuse a situation making the situation worse by removing the anniversary party instead of the belligerent guest

While the restaurant ultimately apologized to the guests that were victimized the damage had already been done what should have happened in this case is the belligerent guest should have been removed or at the very least separated from the anniversary party.
That’s all I have at this time for this particular situation there’s more to come.

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Metro Black

Road trek

Notorious finesse.

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What’s wrong with People these days

I want to talk about the issues revolving around the way the world in todays Society case in point Mike the cop Asked an interesting question “what’s wrong with police these days?” the answer to that is what’s wrong with mainstream media these days like FOXNews and CNN which are The biggest propaganda machine is what’s wrong with the relationship between Minorities and cops these days. For years the news has overy reported on black on black crime which has caused police to see Minorities as a threat. Now I personally have had several run-ins with both gang members and police when I was to my mother was held up at gunpoint in the elevator with the gun pointing right at me when I was 18 getting my learners permit I had a cup tell me traffic violations are on the third floor and overtime I’ve had people asking what I am looking at thinking that they were relevant enough to look at I was on the phone one time, and this guy thought I said something to him I had a kid steal my student pass and last this one police officer accused me of beating a woman I would never be the woman I love women too much but the problem with people is that we are afraid to actually start working together to fix the issues. we are fearing each other because of the mainstream media for twisting the narrative of Black lives matter twisting the intentions of people like Colin Kaepernick and police. now there are corrupt cops yes just like there are police officers who shouldn’t be police yes Mario Figueroa is one of them.

I was for Starbucks and Philadelphia PD when that video came out because of my personal experience is that I’ve always had to purchase something in order to use the bathroomUntil I saw the Los Angeles a video where the guy didn’t Purchase anything before he use the bathroom They just gave them the code and it wasn’t until I heard more about the manager at Starbucks that Starbucks manager was wrong and I also feel that the whole waffle house incident was uncalled for.

Customer service 101 is that the customer is always right. Plastic utensils or are $.50 really you’re crying over $.50 2 quarters if it was me I would’ve given them The utensils for free and explained that next time you come it’s $.50 on another note the woman could’ve just walked away Got her money back for the food and gone somewhere else to eat breakfast But they insisted then they call the cops then the cops rustled her to the ground and her top came off all that for $.50. You could’ve gotten a peep show in New York for $.50 now it’s free thanks Internet porn but that’s not the point now again instead of protesting these places do an actual boycott that does more damage than just standing outside of the waffle house or Starbucks or a IHOP I am not going to get into IHOP because they handle it. Let’s start supporting small businesses let’s build up start ups people who are struggling to start their own company there’s this this i let’s start supporting small businesses let’s build up start up’s people who are trying to start their own company there’s this guy in San Diego who is trying to open up his own restaurant after going from a catering business he wants to serve his community he even is offering to donate his monthly income to the prevention of homelessness This man has received only 2% of his goal and he has only 6 days left If black lives matter then we should support black entrepreneurship, black businesses, I don’t how many people stand with Ceasefire GOSO in New York and other organizations to stop gang violence I’m hoping that we’re walking in chewing gum at the same time I hope that we are more versatile as a society today and just focus on just one particular thing and this is the one thing where we need to work together on this how we reform gang members. If Michelle Wolf can unite the world like Donald Trump could never do why can’t we do the same. Why can’t we talk to each other like human liberals and conservatives. Because I hate to break it to conservatives but we’re all fighting for the same thing we’re all fighting against the establishment, the New World order, the illuminati and whatever name you can come up with for the bogeyman there are no lizard people only your cold blooded personality and that is the establishment and the alt-right.

we don’t have to sing coomb by yeah we just have to start working together for the greater good of mankind like John F Kennedy wanted like Jesus Christ wanted

to all the men and women in uniform I want to thank you for your sacrifice and your time. To everyone else thank you for taking the time to read this.

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