Ubereats and Postmates Walker

This is a subject I want to touch it on because I think it’s important to understand ubereats and Postmates potential earnings, their advertisement is slightly inaccurate and I believe this to be problematic.

Postmates and ubereats potential earnings promise you $27 an hour this is only possible if you have a mode of transportation like a car, bike, or scooter of some sort. you’re not going to make that as a walker you are making $10 an hour as a walker with minimum payouts ranging from $2.36 at delivery 4 dollars of delivery and you’re lucky and you get Postmates money because they may offer you one or two deliveries a day.

both companies have bonuses that can be achieved by completing a certain amount of deliveries for Example; On post mates, if you make 4 deliveries they will guarantee you 17.50 so as long as your earnings for 4 deliveries is that amount after tips.

Uber Quests bonus guarantees these amounts when you complete

Other than that if you don’t have any limitations as I do with a bad back and cerebral palsy or if you have a friend with a car or able to rent a car, Citi bike, Revel Moped, or a scooter and a portable charger your good.

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How to properly prepare food

When preparing any type of food it is important to note I can’t believe I’m saying this the area has to be clean and sanitized.

Which is why I find it shocking to see a popular franchise such as Popeyes preparing chicken over a trash can due to lack of equipment.

Shortly after Popeyes was provided with an extra table where they can prepare food properly https://www.tmz.com/2019/11/11/popeyes-employee-makes-chicken-sandwiches-over-trash-can/

This is not the first time Popeyes has been featured in kitchen controversy in January 2017 a video surfaced on WorldstarHipHop featuring a group of employees preparing chicken on the floor as a prank don’t know if they actually serve the chicken but they were playing with food probably because it was slow.

But since we’re at this point again let me go over some key points when it comes to preparing food

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Make sure you’re preparing on a flat clean and sanitized surface
  3. Wear gloves
  4. Wear hairnets on your head and on your beard
  5. Protect yourself from hot surfaces and popping oil
  6. Make sure to keep ingredients that like fish and nuts separate from other Foods this is to prevent cross-contamination
  7. Keep cleaning supplies above the floors
  8. If you’re bored do something productive clean the kitchen promote your job or make yourself something to eat

Update they got an extra table

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