How do you deal with belligerent guest

Guest safety and security is the most important thing to have in the service industry which is why we must beware of customers who are unruly or belligerent this is how you’re supposed to deal with those customers.
Depending on the environment certain accommodations must be met whether it’s the volume of the music or the volume of the crowd, for example, the atmosphere the Olive Garden might differ from dining at Dave & Buster’s or Dallas BBQ.
When dealing with issues of guests either being unruly belligerent or just plain loud it is important that you follow these protocols, if there is a complaint concerning the volume of the crowd then you might consider asking them to lower their voices however if you’re dealing with a guess that is belligerent or drunk then that person needs to be removed in a swift manner.
If the guests start arguing with other guests or causing a scene to be sure to separate them from the rest of the group do not under any circumstances victimized the customers victims a month ago there was an incident where a guest was celebrating his anniversary news attacked by a man who used racial slurs when management stepped in to try to defuse a situation making the situation worse by removing the anniversary party instead of the belligerent guest

While the restaurant ultimately apologized to the guests that were victimized the damage had already been done what should have happened in this case is the belligerent guest should have been removed or at the very least separated from the anniversary party.
That’s all I have at this time for this particular situation there’s more to come.

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