Advertisers nightmare

Recently Peloton a company that sells indoor exercise bikes with a monitor for a live televised training released an ad that garnered a lot of deserved attention with some calling the ad sexist and accusing the company of promoting unhealthy marital standards while others either made fun of the ad in addition to the stock dropping as a result of the ad.

The ad features a wife coming down for Christmas with her child and her husband gifted her with a Peloton exercise bike, the ad continues to show her experience using the bike ending with a video message to her husband showing her how satisfied she is with her present.

While the ad promotes healthy living it was improperly marketed and probably didn’t even go through the test audience that could have told them it was a bad idea or instead of a featuring Christmas, it should have featured New wife’s New Year’s resolution to stay healthy and happy.

In conclusion, advertising can get expensive and you only have one chance to get it right so make sure you follow all the necessary steps before you release anything or learn it yourself.

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Chick-fil-A is still great

Chick-fil-A says it will end donations to groups critical of the L.G.B.T.Q community”

While those who agree with the decision believe it’s a noble sure there are some people who think it’s a publicity stunt

which I’ll ask for what Chick-fil-A is an overpriced fast-food restaurant that still manages to bring in crowds both secular and non-secular groups their food is as good as Shake Shack, BurgerFi, Bareburger, Hero’s Burger, Chipotle and del Toro.

The only reason why I would see that they would be willing to piss off their base is probably the stock Canadian protest but there’s always had people protesting their store or boycotts and that’s never slow down sales but if they are trying to become more secular to bring in more people it could be due to the cost kind of reminds me of turning point USA. You can check out Angie Moons take on it

In conclusion, I still eat Chick-fil-A, their decision doesn’t affect me at all they have great food better customer service in my eyes that’s all that matters actually besides boycotts are cheap and stupid marketing ploys.

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