Super straights

Let’s talk about the free market and how some people don’t know how to use it or ignore to say the least this one involves a community of people who want to cause distraction and chaos I bring you the super straight community.

The super Straight community is based off this idea that men and women would like to date A natural born Man or woman Which I understand Many people consider this to be homophobic or transphobic and while I agree that it started as such these people don’t need the attention they’re getting because what they fail to realize is that unless the person is vindictive enough most people use apps like Grindr or go to lgbtq bars and meetups.

While these situations do happen they are very rare but at times highly-publicized which is why I want to encourage honesty in addition to using apps and going to specific locations Because it is unfair to attack someone who’s been like to that’s gaslighting.

There are some people who Will love you no matter who you are So be open And upfront with them At the start.

Final point make no mistake this is a distraction just like Potatos, old books and rabbits.

This is just my opinion I prefer to focus on what really affects our lives such as mental health, anti-bullying, and Financial self-improvement

Reopening America and anti maskers

Over the past 6 months small businesses have been struck where everything from covid-19, shutdowns, riots and looting and a heatwave on top of that things are only going to get worse with hurricane season right around the corner.

Currently New York and many other cities are allowing outdoor dining which is fine unless it’s raining or during a heatwave America has not thought this through there are several issues with this on top of that there are businesses that still are unable to open like gyms and movie theaters unless it’s a drive-in theater, luckily for the rest of the world because they actually handled the virus better there are countries that are back in full swing for business.

Today there are over a hundred businesses that are not coming back big and small and because they don’t have the same following as Elon Musk most have actually been arrested for opening up their businesses for example in my neighboring state New Jersey 2 gym owners were arrested for reopening their gym even though there was no cases of covid-19 out of their gym then months back you heard the story of Shelley Luther who also was arrested for opening her salon after weeks of not receiving her PPP loan until a day before she was scheduled to go to court.

Almost every one in the nation has lost common sense I don’t need to come up with examples but one example that really kills me is the fact that they shut down bathrooms what does bathrooms have to do with dealing with a virus especially if you’re using the bathroom to wash your hands

Both parties have royally screwed this up so I encourage you to support small businesses and Startup companies just go to Kickstarter and Indiegogo GoFundMe find something that you can get behind weather dollar or two everything is much appreciated



Who really benefits Riots and looters

A while back I did a Blog discussing the business aspect of protesting in addition Last Week Tonight John Oliver also did a segment on paid protesting due to the death of George Floyd many people are taking this opportunity to commit insurance fraud, market manipulation, devaluing property and false arrest.

This technique is called astroturfing and it is used as a way for corporations to take a legitimate movement an infiltrated to turn it into something negative this is often done to either delegitimize or distract a movement.

During these riots, a lot of companies like Target spoke out about the rioters and looters mainly showing understanding and sympathy for rioters and looters well large businesses can afford the insurance that is caused by the damage of the rioters and looters small businesses we’re unable to do so especially since they’ve been out of business for about three months due to the COVID-19 outbreak well you had some small businesses who might have taken the opportunity to use this to their advantage since I’m guessing insurance companies didn’t cover pandemics.

There was another incident at a Wendy’s in Georgia where Rashard Brooks was shot and killed by two Georgia police officers who have been charged in the death of Mr. Brooks who was killed after he attempted to evade and detour arrests by authorities by taking the cops taser and trying to use it against them after that incident took place they burned down the Wendy’s who stood in solidarity.

So here are the groups of people that actually benefit from riots and looting the insurance company real estate agents property owners failing business owners and politicians racist and media who will use the riots and looting as an excuse for their hatred I’ve seen people go as far as equating black lives matters peaceful protesters WITH infiltrators rioters looters and murderers which by its own right is wrong.

In conclusion, if you’re going to process make sure you know who is marching with you and not against you you need to do a better job at vetting.

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Campaign finance corporate pacs

It is rare that I talk about politics on my blog I usually save it for Twitter and Facebook however although I’m not trying to defend it is important to note that when it comes to corporations they tend to want the highest return on their taxes which is why they tend to go for the candidate that is offering tax cuts.

There have been plenty of boycotts over the support in Republican donations but the fact of the matter is corporations give to both parties which are shown in this graph from Target.

While this practice continues on tell today’s political climate there is an organization out there that is trying to fight against all this called Wolfpack which was found by the young Turks CEO Cenk Uygur.

So instead of boycotting businesses support small businesses or join the progressive fight to get money out of politics or sign up for stash and get a $5 bonus: or sign up

In conclusion, unless the CEO publicly endorses bigotry over money boycotts are pointless in addition to being used as a free marketing technique So if you’re going to use the boycott hashtag use it to promote an alternative to a small business or Kickstarter like the ones below.

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