Reopening America and anti maskers

Over the past 6 months small businesses have been struck where everything from covid-19, shutdowns, riots and looting and a heatwave on top of that things are only going to get worse with hurricane season right around the corner.

Currently New York and many other cities are allowing outdoor dining which is fine unless it’s raining or during a heatwave America has not thought this through there are several issues with this on top of that there are businesses that still are unable to open like gyms and movie theaters unless it’s a drive-in theater, luckily for the rest of the world because they actually handled the virus better there are countries that are back in full swing for business.

Today there are over a hundred businesses that are not coming back big and small and because they don’t have the same following as Elon Musk most have actually been arrested for opening up their businesses for example in my neighboring state New Jersey 2 gym owners were arrested for reopening their gym even though there was no cases of covid-19 out of their gym then months back you heard the story of Shelley Luther who also was arrested for opening her salon after weeks of not receiving her PPP loan until a day before she was scheduled to go to court.

Almost every one in the nation has lost common sense I don’t need to come up with examples but one example that really kills me is the fact that they shut down bathrooms what does bathrooms have to do with dealing with a virus especially if you’re using the bathroom to wash your hands

Both parties have royally screwed this up so I encourage you to support small businesses and Startup companies just go to Kickstarter and Indiegogo GoFundMe find something that you can get behind weather dollar or two everything is much appreciated



Walmart double feature

Last weekend a lone gunman opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso Texas killing 22 and injuring 26 people, as a result, the response was typical but Walmart’s reaction was the most interesting.

While on the employee side they chose to host a sickout to protest gun legislation (common-sense regulations)

Walmart employees reaction

While I can sympathize on how Gut wrenchingly hard it is to work for a corporation that provided the tools means and opportunity for such a horrific act it’s hard not to try to implement change via protest however getting a large corporation to change its policy is not an easy task so the best thing to do is continue to join organization and work for business that has made such changes like dicks sporting goods or target or start a small business.

Walmart’s reaction

After claims were made that violent video games are responsible for mass shootings which is a farce and A complete deflection of the situation Walmart attempted to take down violent video games displays.

This move was extremely irrational unless you are a conspiracy theorist and believe just by looking at a picture of snake holding a gun will trigger a person to go on a killing spree that’s not how video game ads work

And on top of that, there are no video games featuring Hispanics as antagonist unless you count Grand theft auto or Saints Row then you might have a point except it’s the equivalent of playing cops and robbers, nor are the protagonist’s Nazis or white supremacist.

  • The Best action to take if any is to increase security, implement policy to remove magazines or be placed on safety upon entering the store or not to allow it your store, fast food restaurants, and department stores tend to ban outside food.
  • In conclusion, while these policy changes seem like a good idea ultimately it’s up to corporations and consumers to make decisions about how to work together to minimize these types of events from occurring.
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    Escape from the bay

    It is extremely expensive in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco New York and Chicago. California residents have had to go through extreme lengths Just to pay the rent from living under the stairs, having multiple roommates or RV living. If the rental market isn’t regulated due to unaffordablity then we can end up in another housing bubble resulting in a crash, or people dying as a result of over crowding that’s a serious problem. People are already planning to move away from California to places like Washington, Oregon, Texas and Florida. The average employee is now shelling out more than 30% of their household income forcing them to work three jobs at a time in addition to having makeshift rooms which results fire and health hazards, living further away from their job which results in lateness, stressed induced illness, and health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and death.

    rental scams are popping up every day people are posting daily Craigslist rentals or commuter beds and companies like AirBNB only encourages landlords to do the same. The best thing to do is to prevent price gouging is to regulate the rental market to ensure landlords are charging a fair amount for rent by giving tax incentive to landlords and business who work together. In conclusion There’s no reason for anyone to open a gofundme account to pay the bills

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    The best way to give someone attention that you feel doesn’t deserves attention or money is by boycotting them and ensuring that they make more money than what what you have taken from them And make yourself look like the fool while punishing yourself is to boycott them. Over the past year I have seen boycotts after boycott from burning jerseys and tickets to breaking Keurigs

    To Laura Ingram’s sponsors the list goes on and on. To Lauren Ingram’s credit she came back with a new segment called defending the first although I haven’t seen much of it but the little that I have seen of it seems like she’s rather consistent now (when it came to the NFL protests which I will get in to in a later blog) which to me makes her watchable. But this isn’t about the NFL it has to do more with the Netflix boycott over the Obama deal. Love them or hate them Obama has a right to make as much money as he wants since he is no longer president and it’s no different than when former President Bush went back to his oil business and Dick Cheney went back to his defense company Except Obama doesn’t control nor is a lobbyist for the telecommunications company or the FCC so none of this actually affects anyone unless your a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist who believes Obama has special Mind control powers and will control those who uses Netflix services but if you ask me it’s better than doing speeches for Wall Street. By boycotting Netflix you are only hurting punishing yourself and I’m actually going to reference Darren Marlar from Marlar house

    Obama didn’t cause any of your problems he didn’t bring racism back, he didn’t demonize cops and he didn’t create black lives matter or he created Isis there’s a difference he didn’t cause the immigration problem as a matter fact he deported a lot of immigrants out of this country he didn’t create another housing crises or initiate agenda 21 you can blame that on Techi, California, greedy landlords high taxes Airbnb and gentrification but that’s also discussion for another time. you guys still have your guns and hopefully still have your health care because after what I’ve seen you need it

    There goes your well armed militia…
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    Patrons and business owners rights

    As previously stated in one of my blogs titled service transcends everything. As a business owner, you are allowed to have your opinions just as long it doesn’t affect the way you treat your customers. When you own a business, the only reason you should refuse service is if they are violating the rules of conduct and policy, which is the responsibility of the rep to make clear what those rules are and the consumer’s responsibility to agree to those terms, for example, Hosta Muerte coffee, Starbucks, Waffle House and happiest hour I’m going to break as short and sweet as possible

    1. In the case of hasta muerte coffee, They profile and judge one man based on the actions of many this is the same thing the few do to the minority community; two wrongs don’t make a right; their policy has been fought against throughout history
    2. According to Starbucks, they don’t have a policy stating that you have to buy something to sit down nor is it unorthodox to wait for a party to arrive depending on the behavior of the patron will justify if you as a manager or business owner can have them removed from the premises and instead of using police as your security considering they have a difficult job hire a security company to handle trivial matters like the one in LA.
    3. Waffle house I want to talk about two instances. The first happened in Saraland, Al. If you are going to change for plastic cutlery, charge it in the meal for the to-go orders, and if you are a customer, write a review. Don’t make a scene. Police should be called under extreme emergencies, like if it becomes a violent situation; the second incident was in pinson, Alabama, where they locked the door and claimed they were closed; now there are 2 possible explanations why they would be closed and still have people in there 1. It’s a private event now because there weren’t over 20 people that could possibly be ruled out 2. It was the last call they were going to shut down temporarily to replenish stock or fixing maintenance issues; they weren’t going to open to anyone; these were the last customer for that time, and, Coincidentally, not everything is about race.
    4. Now onto our final businesses, which is the happiest hour vs. Greg Piatek in January 2017 a patron went into a bar by the name of the happiest hour to get a couple before heading to the 911 memorial while there he claimed that the bar staff kicked him out for having a maga hat stated that anyone who supported Trump and policy’s would not be welcomed at the bar let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for a second and say it was due in part to his hat a lot of places of business have strict dress code, for example, the Chucky cheese in Harlem has a policy that bars Saggy pants, due rag, bandannas, and gang-affiliated paraphernalia. Now back to the bar, the bar owner is claiming that the customer was belligerent and rude. If the customer is being difficult and is a threat to the establishment as an owner, you are justified in kicking him out.

    In conclusion

    1. If you feel bold enough to discriminate, wear the scarlet letter
    2. Cops have a hard enough job as it is, do not bother them with trivial matters or use him as personal security
    3. business owners notify potential customers of any changes to the restaurant
    4. Neither Should jump to conclusions
    5. If you feel mistreated, write a review
    6. Support businesses that will welcome your company

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    Service transcends everything

    Service transcends everything if we’ve learned anything this year especially with boycotts is that most people can careless what you think just as long as the product you are selling is good as a matter of fact the mirror threat of a boycott can actually earn you more customers than lose perfect examples are as followed

    • Nordstrom
    • NFL
    • Keurig
    • Starbucks

    Then you have places like Chick-fil-A or the coffee taverns in billings, MT where it didn’t make a difference in the matter this is because they provided good service despite their opinions. People will come back to you as long as you have the 4 p’s

    1. Product
    2. Price
    3. Place
    4. Promotion

    As long as you have what they need at a good price at convenient location and display a great attitude you’ll make it.

    In closing Everybody has an opinion but as long as your opinions doesn’t effect the way you treat your customers then you’re perfectly fine but also remember Products and services must be good.

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