To all ubereats partners

Listen up to all Uber Eats partners and McDonald’s personal these are very important notes for you to grasp because this is a consistent issue specially at McDonald’s.

Here’s a list of several things you should be doing when it comes to Uber orders

  • Try your best double-check the order before you handed off to the delivery worker
  • If you do not have a certain item that people often ask for making sure you take it off the list also check the product to make sure it looks exactly like how it should look if it doesn’t throw it out don’t send it and inform not only the delivery worker but Uber customer care you can even contact the customer or have you Uber delivery guy to wish for you.
  • Do not substitute it for something else without asking the customer.
  • Do not add anything the customer didn’t ask for
  • And most importantly if you’re having a bad day stay home unless the customer turns your day around
  • And under any circumstances are you to put liquid inside a paper bag all it does is ruin the Integrity of the bag

I got everything on that list except for the 4 apple pies that I ordered instead they sent over 2 Extra cheeseburgers that were not presented in the best light.

Being in customer service is a very hard and thankless job which is why while I support a living wage I also support scholarship programs and counseling are those in the service industry that need it do what you love do what you can tolerate but to not stay at a job where you going to be miserable I’ve made that mistake too many times to the point where I almost took my own life and made everyone all his life miserable now my job is tolerable but I still hate it be safe be healthy and remember guest experience something to grow on thank you to all the essential Food Service workers that are out there your job is far from Easy I know it and I respect it but everyone deserves a good meal.

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24 hours to hell and back Botto’s Italian line

In today’s episode of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and back we are introduced to a family business with ties to a Sausage Factory and supermarket this is what we call a symbiotic Cooperative business called Botto’s Italian line in Swedesboro New Jersey.

1411 Kings Highway Swedesboro, NJ

The restaurant is made up of 4 Brothers Vincent and Dominic who owned a Sausage Factory, Robert bot to who owns both a supermarket and Henry who is also the executive chef, sadly due to the death of their father things haven’t been the same and the lack of customers are only adding to the stress.

At the start of the episode, Gordon Ramsay disguises himself as a Godfather invites 2 lovely Italian women he also reserved a wedding party to divert attention off him after eating the most disastrous food I’ve ever seen his assistant reveals him.

After the display of the kitchen, he goes into the stock meeting and one thing that is apparent is the lack of responsibility and blame towards Henry, Robert isn’t pleased with Gordon Ramsay criticism and proceeded to throw Henry on the bus Gordon Ramsay doesn’t care about that nor is he willing to listen they proceed on to the kitchen.

As he goes down the line of everything wrong with The food he asks the important question as to how often the hood of the stove has cleaned the friar still on as he pulls down to see the cleanliness of the hood and a whole flop of grease yours down into the frier igniting a kitchen fire.

Side note it is important to cleanout
Your kitchen hood on a month to prevent Kitchen fires and ensure a safe and clean working environment in addition in order to prevent contamination is important to rotate your product the FILO rule first in last out.

After the kitchen incident, Gordon sits down with their brother Dominic to discuss how Robert’s Behavior is affecting the restaurant and he agrees that to hold him accountable.

Henry and Gordon work on a new menu, and during there, conversation Henry talks about his relationship with his father and how he put him through school where he got his degree in Hotel and restaurant management his dream, however, was to be the front of the house but his father put him to cook instead which Gordon Ramsay takes notice after they finish with the menu they sit down and talk to Robert and Robert ultimately agrees to step back and let Henry take control.

After 24 hours the restaurant is back open again and they have a successful dinner service 3 months later they are doing terrific and Henry has excelled exponentially.

In conclusion, it’s important to whether it’s management business or supervision to work with your team and delegate your staff accordingly Let each worker find their voice and expertise.

That’s all I have for you today check out my like a boss review if you haven’t seen it I have a non-spoiler review as well


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