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While this is not a topic I would Normally talk about because it’s pointless and not The purpose of my blog but because Everyone is talking about it I guess I Have to.

As many of you, may be aware, Lil Nas X partnered with a company Mischief which makes custom shoes, they are famous for their holy water shoe how they respond to buy themselves is still up for debate but essentially they’re responsible for brand Marketing.

There currently being sued for copyright infringement Due to the negative attention that was received due to the satan shoes Being released now they have also made the Jesus ship which Also had copyrighted material which I will get to in another blog

Aside from the legal issues, this type of brand marketing Is what I would like to call outrage marketing, Also known as clout chasing or clickbait, which is meant to strike emotion and get people engaged in to the product.

As stated in a previous blog, big companies like target & Nike use Shockvertising to Gain customers and Distract from hidden agendas.

So while I disagree with Lil Nas X and MSCHF’s tactics it was effective in a sense Because now everybody knows who they are And the reputation is set So there’s nothing stopping any other Speech cannot be censored unless it’s causing irreparable Harm And In doing so Will engage in Copy right infringement.

In conclusion, Reputation is everything So Know your audience And remember subtlety can go a long way.

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Shapr is a relatively new app That matches and Connects you with other entrepreneurs in your area with in your niche or Area of expertise.

You can sign up by using your linkdin profile or your email address similar to the way Tinder Uses you’re Facebook and Instagram profile.

Essentially The way it works is you set up your profile put in your niche or area of expertise and you swipe left or right depending on you would want to meet with and if your a match you can message them.

It’s convenient, easy to use and a great app to connect with mentors, potential employers or clients especially if your getting into real estate, internships, apprenticeship or business all together.

It’s available at the Apple App Store and google play, its free to download and has exclusive plans that you can pay for separately.

speaking of apps can earn you exposure and jobs

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Multilevel marketing

When I tried Multilevel marketing and network marketing six years ago it started to become a fad it trended for a few months then would die out before I could get to the next one. with multilevel marketing you need a tangible product that would last. Every time I joined all everyone was taken and it would be onto the next fad Sure you have marketing tools which will help you in the future but that’s it I’ve done empower network a blogging system that used The same platforms that are used today I have Tried exp body with fat burners, powders and energy drinks. currently I am with nspire network which is public now it was $36 to become a distributor when I joined the products are available now for distributors at $100 a box, but When it finally goes public The products include cherish pads which are made out of organic material that stops leakage, prevents longer periods and cancer Can be sold to stores or individuals delivered right to their door.

Cherish pads

In closing if you’re interested in a flexible job I suggest you do one of three things

• if you have the time and money i’d say try it out talk to your friends about it

• Get your real estate or mortgage license, or try real estate investing and if you do Airbnb don’t rent out an apartment you’re destroying the renters market The rent is too damn high

• Try Postmates, uber, LyftDosh

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