US Army Esports games

As you guys are aware the US Army has a twitch Channel well I’m not really shocked by that.

A lot of people have actually taken action to try to take them down off of twitch like representative Alexandria ocasio-cortez because they’re using giveaways to attract young impressionable children to join the military and people who asked about war crimes.

Now to Censor somebody for asking about anything nonetheless war crimes is somewhat of an issue because you’re restricting somebody is freedom of speech however you’re going to somebody else’s stream and asking them questions they probably don’t want to answer and it’s they’re right actually as long as they’re not using vulgar language for harassing people sexually then there’s no reason for you to actually ban them.

But I digress let’s get back through Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trying to ban the US Army from twitch while I am a fan of the Justice Democrats I also believe to try to ban whether it’s the US Army Police Athletic League or any type of positive influence within the Gaming community is counterproductive that’s like Banning Doctor Mike from YouTube.

I’d prefer positive influencers to engage young impressionable children then them joining a Street gang what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bill de Blasio fail to address is the constant violence Within poor minutes a one-year-old child was actually shot and kill a couple of weeks ago in Bed Stuy Brooklyn going back to what I was saying before we got to change the narrative we have changed how they see us and that’s what everyone even police needs to change the narrative.

In conclusion for those who are saying that US Army Esports is just spreading propaganda within the twitch community you guys fail to realize there are many military style games out there you have Call of Duty Modern Warfare, warzone, Halo Valorant, fortnite it’s just asinine anyway let me know what you guys think like comment subscribe I tried my best to stay on topic my comes to entrepreneurship and education also be sure to buy something from Amazon

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Why I can no longer support black lives matter

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write because I actually do support black lives matter movement however what I don’t support is the organization or rather disorganization of the black lives matter in addition there are many conspiracies about it being funded by George Soros as well as painted by provocateur and bad face actors who only wish to discredit the black lives matter movement.

Allow me to explain back in April 2 men were shot dead in front of my building I actually saw them dying one of the victims was Fred cross a 41-year-old who was paying respects to someone was murdered the night prior it was very little outrage or discussion about it through the black lives matter organization so I reached out to get out stay out which is a nonprofit organization that deals with gang violence they are doing more for the community then the actual organization, this is the reason why people are equating gang violence with the movement enter to which I reply with it has nothing to do with the movement, either way, it is our responsibility to call out our own and separate ourselves from the herd.

In recent weeks my neighborhood has been riddled with gang violence. which I take that personally because a member of my church was murdered at 17 years old someone with so much potential so much promise was taken away because someone had beef with someone else and they decided to shoot aimlessly.

we have to change the narrative if we are to be taken seriously I am mad when someone is killed by police but I am equally angry when someone is shot and killed by our own people we can walk and chew gum at the same time why is that so hard for you guys to do.

This way I don’t call for defunding the police that’s why I call for more training and more vetting why I call for us to change the narrative that is spewed through the airways every single day and every time can you turn on the TV or go on Twitter.

I want to start a summit where a few people in a variety of professions mentor both people who are affected by gang violence and people who are in gangs to show them there is a better way, after putting it on many forums I still have not gotten any response especially in the black lives matter Facebook group and got 0 response.

In conclusion, black lives still matter but they have to matter all the time not only in certain situations we have to remain consistent and we can’t let them control the narrative we have to change the narrative that’s how we control it if not that’s just always going to be a stain on what we stand for that’s all I have for you today and to those who will read this and try to cancel me you can’t cancel someone who no one’s paid attention to nor have hired

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Who really benefits Riots and looters

A while back I did a Blog discussing the business aspect of protesting in addition Last Week Tonight John Oliver also did a segment on paid protesting due to the death of George Floyd many people are taking this opportunity to commit insurance fraud, market manipulation, devaluing property and false arrest.

This technique is called astroturfing and it is used as a way for corporations to take a legitimate movement an infiltrated to turn it into something negative this is often done to either delegitimize or distract a movement.

During these riots, a lot of companies like Target spoke out about the rioters and looters mainly showing understanding and sympathy for rioters and looters well large businesses can afford the insurance that is caused by the damage of the rioters and looters small businesses we’re unable to do so especially since they’ve been out of business for about three months due to the COVID-19 outbreak well you had some small businesses who might have taken the opportunity to use this to their advantage since I’m guessing insurance companies didn’t cover pandemics.

There was another incident at a Wendy’s in Georgia where Rashard Brooks was shot and killed by two Georgia police officers who have been charged in the death of Mr. Brooks who was killed after he attempted to evade and detour arrests by authorities by taking the cops taser and trying to use it against them after that incident took place they burned down the Wendy’s who stood in solidarity.

So here are the groups of people that actually benefit from riots and looting the insurance company real estate agents property owners failing business owners and politicians racist and media who will use the riots and looting as an excuse for their hatred I’ve seen people go as far as equating black lives matters peaceful protesters WITH infiltrators rioters looters and murderers which by its own right is wrong.

In conclusion, if you’re going to process make sure you know who is marching with you and not against you you need to do a better job at vetting.

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Changing the narrative

Over the course of 4 years, I have spoken about changing the narrative that has been portrayed by the media and by bad faith actors like criminals and gang members who look just like us.

Barack Obama was one of many who did what he could to do so he once said: be the change you want to see in the world it is what many believe and set out to do people like Boyce Watkins, Dr. Umar johnson, Nostradamus (rapper) LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Jay Morrison Chef Jeff Henderso, rock harper, nafise banga even J Alexander kueng one of the officers who were involved in the George Floyd murder who joined the police force to change the police force from the inside.

However the only way we’re going to make a change is if we work together as a community that means all of us has to do our part even the police that we ourselves don’t want to work with have to work with them to make changes to the system that means reallocating resources to go to schools after school programs vocational training and college education in addition to conflict resolution and gang prevention programs like get out stay out save Harlem and cease fire among many others.

Boyce Watkins, Dr. Umar johnson, Nostradamus (rapper) LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Jay Morrison, Chef Jeff Henderson, rock harper, fis banga and countless others who continue to fight for equality and change are coming from a place of compassion and experience unlike the rappers out there who are just trying to get your money.

Racism and crime are a pollutant we must also throw away sometimes you have to clean up the trash in order to see the floor.

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Popeye’s chicken sandwich

I have done my best to try to stay on the topic to provide you with content of business and education but today I’m going to talk about something very important because it’s something that continues to trend and that is the Popeyes chicken sandwich and the frenzy it has come with it.

Fights have been breaking out people pulling guns out on the employees over this nonsense a man is dead over a freaking sandwich it has become a running joke and meme this has to stop.

For those are you guys flocking tell Popeyes to get a chicken sandwich why not take that same money and energy into supporting a business in the minority community or instead of flogging to Popeye’s her chicken sandwich go to a college open house lineup to sign up for the military or go vote!

Popeyes is not just a corporation it’s a franchise and it’s a franchise like a subway or 711, Where the stores are independently owned the same way these franchisees profited off of your fuckary you can too.

Seriously though we have to do better as a community time to change the narrative.

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