To all ubereats partners

Listen up to all Uber Eats partners and McDonald’s personal these are very important notes for you to grasp because this is a consistent issue specially at McDonald’s.

Here’s a list of several things you should be doing when it comes to Uber orders

  • Try your best double-check the order before you handed off to the delivery worker
  • If you do not have a certain item that people often ask for making sure you take it off the list also check the product to make sure it looks exactly like how it should look if it doesn’t throw it out don’t send it and inform not only the delivery worker but Uber customer care you can even contact the customer or have you Uber delivery guy to wish for you.
  • Do not substitute it for something else without asking the customer.
  • Do not add anything the customer didn’t ask for
  • And most importantly if you’re having a bad day stay home unless the customer turns your day around
  • And under any circumstances are you to put liquid inside a paper bag all it does is ruin the Integrity of the bag

I got everything on that list except for the 4 apple pies that I ordered instead they sent over 2 Extra cheeseburgers that were not presented in the best light.

Being in customer service is a very hard and thankless job which is why while I support a living wage I also support scholarship programs and counseling are those in the service industry that need it do what you love do what you can tolerate but to not stay at a job where you going to be miserable I’ve made that mistake too many times to the point where I almost took my own life and made everyone all his life miserable now my job is tolerable but I still hate it be safe be healthy and remember guest experience something to grow on thank you to all the essential Food Service workers that are out there your job is far from Easy I know it and I respect it but everyone deserves a good meal.

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Reopening America and anti maskers

Over the past 6 months small businesses have been struck where everything from covid-19, shutdowns, riots and looting and a heatwave on top of that things are only going to get worse with hurricane season right around the corner.

Currently New York and many other cities are allowing outdoor dining which is fine unless it’s raining or during a heatwave America has not thought this through there are several issues with this on top of that there are businesses that still are unable to open like gyms and movie theaters unless it’s a drive-in theater, luckily for the rest of the world because they actually handled the virus better there are countries that are back in full swing for business.

Today there are over a hundred businesses that are not coming back big and small and because they don’t have the same following as Elon Musk most have actually been arrested for opening up their businesses for example in my neighboring state New Jersey 2 gym owners were arrested for reopening their gym even though there was no cases of covid-19 out of their gym then months back you heard the story of Shelley Luther who also was arrested for opening her salon after weeks of not receiving her PPP loan until a day before she was scheduled to go to court.

Almost every one in the nation has lost common sense I don’t need to come up with examples but one example that really kills me is the fact that they shut down bathrooms what does bathrooms have to do with dealing with a virus especially if you’re using the bathroom to wash your hands

Both parties have royally screwed this up so I encourage you to support small businesses and Startup companies just go to Kickstarter and Indiegogo GoFundMe find something that you can get behind weather dollar or two everything is much appreciated



The war on work

In this Millennia that we live in, there has been a war waging against work. A lot of it has to do with a lack of passion and motivation, among other social issues such as child care, Healthcare, and time management the proper however a lot of it has to with the propaganda is that a lot of multi-level marketing companies spread.

Employees in menial jobs who aren’t pushing for further education are unmotivated and can you care less about whatever situation; They often bring there home with them to work; some don’t value the time nor the opportunity nor the money, they come to work, not even doing the minimum they lack customer service call out for whatever reason and come in late to work.

However Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic where they shut down businesses and jobs that were deemed non-essential since the epidemic both customers and employees a big box stores like Target & Costco’s saw newfound respect and appreciation for the work that has been done, someone who is coming from retail can understand that dealing with people, not an easy job. However, it is not as hard as the medical staff and police officers had during this pandemic.

New York and Michigan did a poor job addressing protesters’ concerns, especially Governor Andrew Cuomo after he came out and said in frustration if you want to go back to work get an essential job; while, those considered essential were still not taken care of like delivery drivers who were denied access to the restrooms.

This pandemic sparked a debate on what’s essential and what’s non-essential depending on the service they provide, for example, a liquor store is as essential a church and is not Church’s are crucial to mental health.

In my opinion, any business and or duty that provides a service you need (not want) for therapeutic, physical, and mental health or helps prevent the spread of other diseases, addiction, and mental illness is essential; This should not have included liquor stores but should have included massage parlors barbershops and hair Salon under OSHA guidelines of the length of facial and head hair especially when the mask has to fit your nose and mouth.

I will leave you with these two videos from Mike Rowe of dirty jobs

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