Gordon Ramsay 24 hours to hell and back the park Restaurant and Bar

This episode of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and back Gordon sets his sights to Oak Park, CA, to save the Park Restaurant and Bar owned and operated by Kirin and Angelita Stone.

706 Lindero Canyon Rd #752, Oak Park plaza oak park, CA 91377

Opened in 2017 they’ve been through a lot of trials and tribulations due to the wildfires in Oak Park in 2019 when they lost their home because of it since then they haven’t been able to attract enough attention to keep the doors open as a result he let go of his GM and his executive chef which proved to be disastrous.

When he’s not running a restaurant is a host of a show called The fixers (2019) a One-hour high-stakes reality series in which an “A-team” of experienced builders travels around the world to remote locations in significant need.

However, without proper leadership, the restaurant is doing terrible so Gordon decides to see what’s wrong with the place from self and while he plays a firefighter.

He enlists the help of football legend Rob Gronkowski to distract everyone else from his disguise as Captain Frank.

When you first enter the restaurant it seems more like a beach bar then anything else the decor is Bland and the food looks like it came out of Grease pit after Gordon reveals himself Katie the bartender who should be the GM immediately starts crying out of sheer embarrassment.

Gordon goes to the whole slideshow of what’s going on behind closed doors which is a lack of leadership poor rotation of food and negligence from the owner and the only ones that have it together are the employees the 2 Cooks, however, do need a little bit more supervision.

During the review of the front and back of the house, it’s discovered that the maintenance of the kitchen has par-cooked been clean in over a month on top of that par-cooked medium-rare chicken cross-contaminated with Brussel sprouts which cause bacteria to seep into the chicken making it inedible the and lastly blood-soaked chicken, the response from the Kirin was as if it wasn’t his problem because he doesn’t deal with the kitchen so he wouldn’t know what to look for.

After discussing the business with Kirin and his wife Gordon is convinced that maybe the restaurant is not a priority for him and you should just step way, now to be clear one of the purposes of owning your business is time freedom and with a good team the restaurant can be salvaged which is an argument that Gordon does make however he prefers that owners be more involved in the restaurant then none at all.

After the 2 Cooks are tried and tested through the new menu Gordon sides to hire a chef Ozzy who won the burger challenge.

After rocky dinner service, Gordon leaves satisfied however the update to the story is Chef Ozzy was never hired by Kirin and he made it seem like he never showed up to work the next day and Kevin followed right after unfortunately Kirin and Angelita are separated but they tell have good reviews online.

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How to properly prepare food

When preparing any type of food it is important to note I can’t believe I’m saying this the area has to be clean and sanitized.

Which is why I find it shocking to see a popular franchise such as Popeyes preparing chicken over a trash can due to lack of equipment.

Shortly after Popeyes was provided with an extra table where they can prepare food properly https://www.tmz.com/2019/11/11/popeyes-employee-makes-chicken-sandwiches-over-trash-can/

This is not the first time Popeyes has been featured in kitchen controversy in January 2017 a video surfaced on WorldstarHipHop featuring a group of employees preparing chicken on the floor as a prank don’t know if they actually serve the chicken but they were playing with food probably because it was slow.

But since we’re at this point again let me go over some key points when it comes to preparing food

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Make sure you’re preparing on a flat clean and sanitized surface
  3. Wear gloves
  4. Wear hairnets on your head and on your beard
  5. Protect yourself from hot surfaces and popping oil
  6. Make sure to keep ingredients that like fish and nuts separate from other Foods this is to prevent cross-contamination
  7. Keep cleaning supplies above the floors
  8. If you’re bored do something productive clean the kitchen promote your job or make yourself something to eat

Update they got an extra table

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