The government and media are being ran by corporations

Now that March 4th has came and went I want to talk about how we are being run by the corporations Let Me Explain how.

Just like the American people, it’s not a small business that influences the government it is Big Business and large corporations that call the shots great example would be the covid relief bill nobody would allow the $15 minimum wage to pass wow some companies are okay with paying $15 an hour some do not approve or will say there prove but will find loophole how to get away with not paying $15 an hour like hiring gig workers and Third Party Factory full restrict bathroom uses.

Another way they try to do this is the Innocents Factor where they go through this whole virtue-signaling approach to everything just so you won’t look at their other practices while what they are saying may be true it does not negate their wrongdoing what Amazon preventing their workers from unionizing.

I said this before I’ll say it again if you need a law another Corporation to hold you accountable you are not a good person.

The gig economy however is also no better there is very little protection for employees especially New York where bathrooms we’re locked and you had to wait outside at certain locations like sweetgreen or Chick-fil-A, which is bad for people who have IBS or who have respiratory illnesses In addition it is very difficult to manage to make to make it a whole 8 hours and make minimum wage unless you are on a bike or get a number of pro points.

Now I will get into how to get livable wage if any politicians are interested in their constituents opinion in another blog however I would like to move on to how the banks, real estate market and social media influences our daily lives.

Target was not the only Corporation that was okay with the rioters and looters the banks, insurance companies real estate market, and even social media companies, and yes even social media companies because social media is still media as long as they can keep you on their platform they can still try to sell you an ad in addition to taking down your information and the reason why Banks, insurance companies and real estate was because they got to cash in on trauma because for those who lost their business they have insurance, insurance companies will also get paid out which means Banks win and the real estate market wins because they can resell or re-rent that particular property and gentrify that lot

However, While these corporations influence the government we have been able to influence the market and corporations by doing the same thing we normally do every year or every 4 years is vote with our dollars corporations know this which is why there is so much cancel culture because corporations will give in to demands of their consumers which is also why Tik Tok does what they do because they do not want to be canceled by anyone or how Reddit took down the Wall Street bets community, this is why Tik Tok is not good for social justice or any other type of free thought & only good for promotions and Mental Health even though they blocked #depression and #suicide In addition to not acting quick enough to pedophiles and racist and hiding lgbtq and disabled content creators But that’s an issue that’s going to need another blog post.

They also control the media which has a lot of influence on consumers look at Walt Disney company,( fox & ABC Broadcasting, Amazon( Washington post) and Google which is another reason why at times they are so divisive because each one plays through their narrative Until something goes wrong that will affect their bottom line.

next I will Talk about how Large corporations have also dominated the small business community and are manipulating the future and will bring A New Perspective, as to whether or not it’s a good or bad thing and how you can win so like and follow for more

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How Disney drop the ball on baby Yoda

On November 12, 2019, Disney launched its streaming service Disney +, one of their very first original content featured was Star Wars the Mandalorian.

In the Mandalorian, you meet the iconic character which has been dubbed baby Yoda, a frog-eating infant who is of the same species as Yoda and it said to be 50 years Young

Since then people were expecting baby Yoda merch however Disney kind of dropped the ball on these pictures of baby Yoda merch isn’t set to come out until May of 2020 weren’t you can actually pre-order on Amazon.

As a result, there are a lot of talented artists on Etsy who decided to make their own baby Yoda which I honestly don’t have a problem with but it goes against copyright so there’s that.

In recent weeks Disney has struck down Etsy account due to copyright violation which is their right to do.

While this is an entirely on Disney for not having a baby Yoda of March out by Christmas they have the opportunity to fix their mistake by negotiating with the people that they’re striking down instead of making people wait till May for a toy.

The only thing is you can get affiliated with Disneys the Mandalorian are shirts, sheets, cups, decals, and jewelry.

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Stream Wars

As the streaming War wears on  Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, DC Universe, Apple TV,  BET + Disney Plus and soon-to-be HBO-MAX by Warner media things are looking a lot more expensive if you want to cut the cord alarm cable companies to step in and create bundles to become more relevant.

But are these streaming services worth it and what can we see in the next 2 years? Well let’s take a look at the newest one Disney Plus

Disney plus which launched on November 10, 2019 is starting off slow with its original content like the Mandalorian and Lady and the Tramp which are currently very successful especially with Mandalorian featuring a baby Yoda while spitting the rest of their content very slowly which reminds me a lot like its competitors DC Universe and CBS All Access is doing unlike Netflix and Hulu which consistently spits out content simultaneously.

However, Both Disney plus and DC Universe have both done something the rest of these streaming services have yet to do and that offers annual subscriptions rather than monthly

With DC Universe already on the horizon it is said that it may join HBO-MAX comes out in the spring of 2020 and is said to cost as much as Netflix which has raised their prices to $15 while phone companies have offered to pay for 1 year subscription to Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, cable companies who are trying to stay relevant as they are slowly being phased out by streaming services are offering to pay for the newer services such as Disney Plus.

There are some apps that are free in regards to streaming like TUBI TV, Pluto TV, IMDb TV, Vudu And Crackle you can also download individual apps such as the CW app NBC Fox & ABC just as an alternative if you’re not interested in watching paid content.

Now here’s what we can see in the next 2 years cable companies will become a thing of the past and will possibly try to offer you stream packages instead of the usual channels this would probably a better idea than what they have now

In closing Disney plus is worth it for a price of $6 a month and they also have bundle package with Hulu but I don’t know how that would work you can get it with Verizon for free for a year if you sign up for their 5G program.


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A look inside Disney’s company & Disneys dreamer academy

Walt Disney Company is one of few who’s committed to the advancement of our youth.

Walt Disney Company is also best known for its employment practices which is very enjoyable working for Walt Disney corporation is indescribable at best benefits include

  • Weekly pay 
  • Affordable healthcare insurance options, such as medical, dental and vision coverage, may be available for full-time positions Limited medical plans may be available for part-time positions
  • Vacation and sick leave for full-time positions 
  • Retirement plans may be available for full-time and part-time positions 
  • Costumes/uniforms provided for certain positions
  •  Annual pay increases and premium-pay incentives may be available for certain positions 
  • Employee stock purchase program

As you all are aware I am a fan of apprenticeship programs Disney has one of the best apprenticeship programs I’ve ever seen and I used to work for AMC Empire

Learning & Working

  • On-site learning centers and programs
  • Educational opportunities
  • Educational reimbursement program for full-time positions
  • New e-Learning opportunities
  • Educational matching gifts program
  • Disney Dimensions, an executive development program
  • Disney ethics, integrity and diversity programs
  • Management/leadership development

you also have Disney’s Aspire program

A new education program designed to put eligible hourly cast members’ education and career goals within reach. The program provides:

  • 100% of tuition paid upfront at Disney Aspire network schools
  • Multiple education and degree options, including English language learning, high school equivalency, vocational training and higher education degrees among other options
  • Flexibility with online enrollment, online learning and a choice of schools and programs
  • Coaches that are available to guide cast members through the application and enrollment process and assist them along the way
  • For more information go to there website Disney careers
  • As for Disney university you just have to see it for yourself checkout but let’s take a deeper dive into Disney’s dreamers academy
  • What is Disney’s Dreamers Academy
  • Disney’s Dreamers Academy is a 4 day event where 100 students from 13-19 year olds to guide them through the future and inspires them to follow their dreams.
  • During those four days they will get to experience
    • working side by side with top mentors and partners like

essence magazine

    Career workshops
    Develop skills such as interview, networking and uninformative fashion skills that will give them an edge to finding the right job

  • But don’t take my word for it, check out this news clip from ABC Good Morning America they were featured on

And this is the only one of its kind there are many mentorship programs to look into

Check out mentorships in your area

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