The truth about Diversity in film and television

When it comes to the issue of diversity you have 3 camps you have those who care for it, ( diversity auditors) those who are against it ( ist & phobes) and those see that its a slight myth except the Oscars That one Rings very true at times but I’ll get back to that separate post.

Diversity auditors

Diversity Auditors are those who Believe in their own, right That representation matters Which it does, However, Not only do they want to change characters to fit their narrative they are unwilling to come up with new ideas and original characters That represented them They also forget the past. Which I will get into shortly.


These are the ones who will talk more about how woke and diverse something is how diversity is killing Hollywood rather than talking about The major issues with shows and movies, which is the story Or that thing called a plot, These folks are also in a category all of their own (fandom Menace)

Diversity and representation has been around for decades

Now the truth that both parties ignore is the fact that diversity and representation has been ongoing since the 1960s one of the diverse shows was Star Trek And that show got canceled after 3 Seasons Which spawned 6 movies in before joining the Next Generation Which featured a blind guy a female security officer a counselor a doctor a Klingon and an Android And we cannot forget about the wise bartender Guinan played by Whoopi Goldberg.

Minority representation

Also, the idea that African-Americans are portrayed in film and TV as negative stereotypes I should remind those who believe that, are wrong because there have been many movies and television where African-American cast are portrayed as good guys Examples are as followed Family Matters, The Cosby Show, Living Single, Martin, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, In addition, there are a couple of actors That Hardly ever see portrayed as the bad guy Samuel Jackson, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence Ice Cube and Ice-T.

LGBTQ representation

LGBTQ community is another group that has forgotten the countless characters that have been portrayed in movies and shows one example would be Six Feet Under, Will & Grace,  they’ve even played doctors on ER and house m.d. the character Renee Montoya first premiered on Batman the Animated Series, in addition, Batwoman was created in 1956.

Gender and race swap

You have the argument of the gender And race swap in movies, However, that also has been going on for a long time examples example of this is Daredevil Kingpin Wilson Fisk who was played by Michael Clarke Duncan It could have been played by Kane Hodder who made an appearance in the film But wasn’t.

Another perfect example of this is Nick Fury which is portrayed by Samuel l Jackson and Will Smith’s portrayal of James West from the Wild Wild, We also can’t forget that Denzel Washington’s character Alonzo in Training Day was based on Rafael Perez the corrupt LAPD officer, Patch Adams also had a gender swap.

The superhero genre

The superhero genre saw its excitement with Black Panther movie Where diversity auditors were extremely excited to have the very first black superhero on the big screen that they forgot about blade and steel While one can argue that steel was not a good enough movie It’s still part of the superhero lore none the less Same thing came up with Captain Marvel ignoring Supergirl Well one can say Hollywood does take a long time to create stand-alone female superhero films And we do need more then what we have But that’s still something that needs to be explored.

Strong female leads

This is another category that has many scratching their heads head because there have been many strong female leaves especially in the horror genre like Ripley from Alien, Nancy Thompson, Kristin and Alice from a nightmare on street, Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers From the Scream franchise, However, there is something wrong with the recent movies that have come out one example is The 2019 remake of black Christmas which only had one great seeing which is the hit song up in the frat house.

Nancy and Freddy
Lisa Wilcox as Alice with Irreplaceable Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger

Focusing on a message more than the plot.

Black Christmas and Charlie’s Angels failed for this exact reason because they focused more on the message rather than the story itself black Christmas is a perfect example of this I will also go as far as to say is that it hung on the coattails of the original 2,

watching this movie made me wonder why they called it black Christmas when they could have even called it up in the frat house, which is the song that they sing in the movie which is the only good part about it If you ask me.

Birds of Prey and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn learned from Black Christmas and actually gave a pretty entertaining story The only thing wrong with Harley Quinn was they changed one thing black mask that made the character who he was.

Creating something new instead of changing the original just to suit you.

To finish up my last point I want to talk about creating an original character instead of changing something that’s already fixed, for example during a Comic-Con event. Before Stanley had passed away someone in the panel had asked if Peter Parker would ever date another male Basically, would Peter Parker be gay And the answer to that was no. This is an answer I agree with wholeheartedly not because I am homophobic Because I am far from it it’s because there’s always an opportunity  to create an original character Which is exactly what they did in the arrowverse with Sara Lance(White Canary) Alex Danvers, Kate Kane, (Batwoman) and Anissa Pierce (Thunder) or even Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)

to those people on both sides of the argument the diversity Auditors and The Fandom Menace, I say this

In conclusion, I Friendly reminder I promote small streamers small businesses and crowdfunding campaigns for businesses and or film Please take advantage, Super Troopers 2 was made from an Indiegogo campaign if they can do it, so can you.

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Like a boss second look ( spoiler review)

After watching like a boss for second time a lot of things caught my attention Tiffany haddish I didn’t interview with Breakfast Club on Thursday where she was not only promoting the movie but speaking financially woke as Dr. Boyce Watkins would say however this movie displayed far from progressive I would go as far as saying it was very cliche of the black stereotype and white savior.

Like a boss is about 2 lifelong friends Mel and Mia who start a Makeup Company there are two employees which are played by Billy Porter(barret) and Jennifer Coolidge who adds to the chemistry of the film.

Where we get into a little bit of trouble in this film is the setup of these characters Mia which is the eccentric boss of the 2 who loves to party, never gets anything done, leaves a mess her partner to clean up and who has a different idea on how a business is run which bad unless it prevents you from bringing in profit and doesn’t always listen to her partner, then you have Mel the one with good credit handles the finances and ultimately comes up with this crazy idea of accepting an offer after she fails to explain to her business partner Mia that they are in debt and they need this help and has a lack of confidence and always seeks approval which is exploited in the movie.

The movie starts off with a montage how they went from an online business in Mia’s mother’s garage to a brick and mortar soon humble beginnings.

At the beginning of the film, the ladies stop by the store before heading to their friend’s baby shower where we are introduced to Barrett(Billy Porter) and Jen (Jennifer Coolidge) Jen is one of the beauty technicians and Barrett handles manufacturing products that they sell called one nightstand.

While Mia does her thing Mel goes to back to check on Barrett where she learned that Mia who is supposed to finish the bags of makeup didn’t finish because she ate an edible and as I have put it off till the next day Mel also learns that they are behind on production of their signature product, in addition, she gives unnecessary discounts Mel explains to them that they need to keep up with production and not give these discounts out because they’re losing money.

At their friends baby shower, you can see and hear by Mel’s facial expressions and voice that she is definitely hiding something one of her friends parents talks about how her daughter sold her company for a great prophet which makes Mel feel like a failure so much so that she needs a break though she goes upstairs and smoke a joint with Mia as they’re talking I hear the girls coming upstairs and they notice that the baby is in the room with them that they’re smoking in, so they hide outside where they are immediately caught Mel feels ashamed and can’t handle the judgment but Mia comes out and Save the Day and tells her friends off before she takes off her weave and both jump into the water.

The next day Mel reflects what her friends were saying chats with Mia about it we also learn about Mel’s backstory about how Mia took her in when her mother was on meth.

In the next scene they return to the store to find The Apprentice played by (Karan Soni) in the shop waiting for them, he explains that they have attracted the attention of Claire Luna played by Salma Hayek Mia is put back by it not knowing how bad things really are and doesn’t want to go through with it but Mel convinces her to at least see what she has to offer especially considering that if they don’t Shape Up you’re going to lose the business within 6 months.

While waiting for the meeting Mia finally asks the question how bad are they in debt Mal explains that they are $493,000 in debt Mia is shocked to hear that things have gotten that bad and Mel feels as if she has failed her friend and business partner even though it is the other way around( side note when in business you must discuss with your partner everything that is going on it is important to be honest no matter what the circumstances).

They meet with Claire and Claire offers them a deal that Mel can’t refuse Mia objects and after a drink and karaoke Mia finally agrees and when they meet again with Claire Luna Claire offers turn 51% of the company just as long as things don’t go south between the ladies Mia assures her that that’s not going to happen.

That day they are given the task of coming up with a proposal that Claire can use at her launch party, as they are discussing what their proposal should be for their brand Mia decides that she wants to party before she thinks about what she’s going to say at the party Mel is the one that’s pulling the work trying to find out what’s the best strategy after Mia’s sexcapades end they smoke a joint and get ready to eat some fries they get back to work on it and come up with a great proposal that they dub proud which Claire in an attempt to manipulate rejects.

And the next scene Claire come to the store and checks out Barrett’s station and Barrett, unfortunately, admits that he does 75 he can do more but why to go hard, so Claire decides to mass-produce the product and tells Mel to fire Barrett and Mel obliges.

Mel and Mia’s next task is to come up with another product that she can sell Mel comes up with the idea of double-sided lipstick which as a business you definitely want to have more products just to stay consistent and creative with your business.

After they fire Barrett days later they go to their friend’s birthday party where her friend hires an executive chef who teaches them how to make cuisines during this time the two begin to argue over the current situation and how clear has totally been manipulating the company that they started together while no one is looking, Mel spikes Mia a stuffed pepper with more ghost peppers this part of the movie is a little tone deaf.

Claire continues to manipulate Mia and Mel by refusing to work with them because they didn’t live up to her expectations Mia makes a scene Mel apologizes for her then Mia decides to be the stereotypical Mad Black Woman by taking Claire’s Club and is smashing the window.

Claire convinces Mel to come to a network event where she can show off her skills Mel then drags Mia with her to the event that is when Claire manipulates them one last time and criticizes there artistic expression for Mel to try to fix the issue to try to impress Claire and Mia finally giving up and Calling it Quits which gives Claire 51% of the company the girls split.

Mel stays with the house while Mia stage with her boyfriend and then you have the friendly Montage of getting the girls back together as Mia meet with Barrett he tells Mia what she needs to hear how she took Mel’s friendship for granted and Mel learns the truth about Claire’s initial intention she steals her idea and gives it to masculine friends Mel and Mia get back together in the most cliche cell phone scene possible.

They begin to get their things together create a new product ride or die and they crash Claire’s lunch party where she tries to play everything off and gives into the girl’s man’s not knowing that they had a new investor which is Claire’s former partner play by Lisa Kudrow who reminds Claire that they still own 49% of the company so regardless she still has to pay them for a company that she helped build it back up while simultaneously trying to break it down.

Finally, in the end, their company is a huge success and becomes a franchise Mel convinces Mia to say that they made it with Mel’s guidance and that is the end of the movie.

When you take away all the racist stereotypes the movie does the job to educate the audience and to provide entertainment both had a lot to contribute to the film but that realization was lost in the constant cliches when it comes to business and accepting investors and the controls that the investors tend to have you saw this in the situation with John Schnatter from Papa John’s who was removed for saying the n-word during a conference call that he believes was taken out of context

Thank you for reading this is the second look of like a boss I still believe that anyone who wants to open up their own business should watch this movie or can watch Joy or Horrible Bosses 2 which are both on Amazon Prime.


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