How small businesses can adapt to this new market

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that’s how covid-19 has changed the way we do nowadays whether it’s curbside pick-up or delivery especially with the help of instacart, ships, Amazon delivery ubereats, and doordash.

However, a lot of small businesses have closed their doors and switched to online-only however there are still some products that need to be delivered ASAP other than food such as Feminine and hygiene Products and Cloths Because some of us have fashion emergencies Perhaps your pants ripped or all of a sudden your child’s clothes no longer fit them or you’ve ruined your underwear these things happen to everyone.

If a small business wants to Compete With Big business Then yes they have to be creative enough and offer the Same day delivery  Whether it’s through these 3rd party companies or internal, Kind of like how Chick-fil-A also offering their delivery service.

This new position will improve productivity and increase sales because if people don’t have to leave their house just to get a quick pair of underwear or feminine products within less than an hour, Then that’s what people are going to do especially the obvious reason is to get products to those who don’t have access to them but may need them due to an emergency.

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The war on work

In this Millennia that we live in, there has been a war waging against work. A lot of it has to do with a lack of passion and motivation, among other social issues such as child care, Healthcare, and time management the proper however a lot of it has to with the propaganda is that a lot of multi-level marketing companies spread.

Employees in menial jobs who aren’t pushing for further education are unmotivated and can you care less about whatever situation; They often bring there home with them to work; some don’t value the time nor the opportunity nor the money, they come to work, not even doing the minimum they lack customer service call out for whatever reason and come in late to work.

However Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic where they shut down businesses and jobs that were deemed non-essential since the epidemic both customers and employees a big box stores like Target & Costco’s saw newfound respect and appreciation for the work that has been done, someone who is coming from retail can understand that dealing with people, not an easy job. However, it is not as hard as the medical staff and police officers had during this pandemic.

New York and Michigan did a poor job addressing protesters’ concerns, especially Governor Andrew Cuomo after he came out and said in frustration if you want to go back to work get an essential job; while, those considered essential were still not taken care of like delivery drivers who were denied access to the restrooms.

This pandemic sparked a debate on what’s essential and what’s non-essential depending on the service they provide, for example, a liquor store is as essential a church and is not Church’s are crucial to mental health.

In my opinion, any business and or duty that provides a service you need (not want) for therapeutic, physical, and mental health or helps prevent the spread of other diseases, addiction, and mental illness is essential; This should not have included liquor stores but should have included massage parlors barbershops and hair Salon under OSHA guidelines of the length of facial and head hair especially when the mask has to fit your nose and mouth.

I will leave you with these two videos from Mike Rowe of dirty jobs

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