Shaw Academy

A couple months ago I signed up for Shaw Academy I studied social media marketing four 4 months this is pretty much my thoughts on Shaw Academy.

The first 4 weeks are free at every month after that you have to pay for while I admit I was ready to quit the first month by the time it was $60 a month and an additional $240 for the final certifications and toolkit

The learning material itself is generic and outdated, the customer service is nonexistent it’s impossible to get through they never email mail you unless you quit and the only receipt you get are on your bank statements any certificates you have to download it or print it out.

If I could suggest anything I’d suggest going with skillshare or 360 training at the end of day invest in yourself

That’s all I have for today Checkout out rock Harper’s podcast on Stitcher and Apple, and check out Chef Jeff Henderson book


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Fiverr app review

I’ve been dealing with Fiverr for a year now and to put it bluntly The app itself sucks.

The only feature is on the app is buying and promoting you can’t sell your services you can’t write a proposal and customer service is nonexistent on Twitter and the app.

Other complaints I’ve heard was that they charge a two dollar service fee for anyone who buys essentially making everything $7 instead of $5.

There are other alternatives where you can post or find jobs that you’re looking for such as which uses only bitcoin it doesn’t have an app yet but is mobile friendly or you can also try freelancer

that’s all I have if you want to sign up for Uber or postmates and try Instacart as soon as I can get on I’ll do a review check out my other job app reviews support me on Amazon or PayPal. Look out for my next string of blogs where I will be talking about about supply & demand the importance of working a job you love vs one that you hate and more to come.

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streamers of the week goes to

Darren Marlar of Marlar house who does weird darkness and weird news daily also join Darren Marlar to Battle the darkness his campaign to help help people who struggle with depression and Suicidal thoughts which I’ve also struggled with in the past. Nothing is ever hopeless Talk to someone you’re not alone or download Wizdo on your phone

Earl of words a poet, blogger, actor & youtuber

Nateflicks which does employee evaluations and rewinds

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Pre-order The System of Passive Aggressive Racism In The System of White Supremacy by Phil Scott

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The beauty cave

strike cord media they are an independent news organization dedicated to empower the audience with unbiased news and information to promote facts they have been around since the bush era.

OnegoHub download the app to find the hottest night clubs in your city

Your weave dealer.

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Mama love sweets and eats a vegan baker which offers a wide verity of healthy delicious treats


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