Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and back Southern Boulevard

Still in Arkansas Gordon Ramsay visits Southern Boulevard AKA sobos in Little Rock Arkansas a Korean-American restaurant, owned and operated by Jermaine 1/2 black half Korean man who wanted to open up a restaurant make his parents proud and provide the American dream or his family however, unfortunately, his lack of experience with the service industry shows.

Gordon decides to work in the back as your sound man where can we see up close and personal the rotten produce dirty stove, food cooked improperly, cross-contamination and microwaved food.

During the staff meeting, both Veronica who is the waitress and acts as manager along with his girlfriend are doing everything possible to help Jermaine so Gordon agrees to step in or 24-hours.

During the kitchen inspection, things are a lot worse than it originally appeared with a non-working fridge and damaged products pulled pork that’s been expired 4 months a kitchen that has been clean in 8 months hot blood-soaked chicken the excuse that had Chef gave was that there is no leadership in the back of house in addition to being disgruntled over the Lack leadership and leadership.

Gordon recruits Michael a local Chef in Little Rock, his experience revolves around his father’s restaurant and his experience in food.

The new head chef Michael knocks it out of the park finishing a successful relaunch well that is happening Gordon assists, Jermaine, in confidence and Leadership while he started off Rocky he continues to improve through the night.

In conclusion, when you going to any business you have to do your research and Edition be sure to not only keep your employee’s happy talk to your employees and those around you to figure out ways you can improve on the restaurant management, or if you really want to have your business work for you then you need to hire general manager to run the plates

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24 hours to hell and back Botto’s Italian line

In today’s episode of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 hours to hell and back we are introduced to a family business with ties to a Sausage Factory and supermarket this is what we call a symbiotic Cooperative business called Botto’s Italian line in Swedesboro New Jersey.

1411 Kings Highway Swedesboro, NJ

The restaurant is made up of 4 Brothers Vincent and Dominic who owned a Sausage Factory, Robert bot to who owns both a supermarket and Henry who is also the executive chef, sadly due to the death of their father things haven’t been the same and the lack of customers are only adding to the stress.

At the start of the episode, Gordon Ramsay disguises himself as a Godfather invites 2 lovely Italian women he also reserved a wedding party to divert attention off him after eating the most disastrous food I’ve ever seen his assistant reveals him.

After the display of the kitchen, he goes into the stock meeting and one thing that is apparent is the lack of responsibility and blame towards Henry, Robert isn’t pleased with Gordon Ramsay criticism and proceeded to throw Henry on the bus Gordon Ramsay doesn’t care about that nor is he willing to listen they proceed on to the kitchen.

As he goes down the line of everything wrong with The food he asks the important question as to how often the hood of the stove has cleaned the friar still on as he pulls down to see the cleanliness of the hood and a whole flop of grease yours down into the frier igniting a kitchen fire.

Side note it is important to cleanout
Your kitchen hood on a month to prevent Kitchen fires and ensure a safe and clean working environment in addition in order to prevent contamination is important to rotate your product the FILO rule first in last out.

After the kitchen incident, Gordon sits down with their brother Dominic to discuss how Robert’s Behavior is affecting the restaurant and he agrees that to hold him accountable.

Henry and Gordon work on a new menu, and during there, conversation Henry talks about his relationship with his father and how he put him through school where he got his degree in Hotel and restaurant management his dream, however, was to be the front of the house but his father put him to cook instead which Gordon Ramsay takes notice after they finish with the menu they sit down and talk to Robert and Robert ultimately agrees to step back and let Henry take control.

After 24 hours the restaurant is back open again and they have a successful dinner service 3 months later they are doing terrific and Henry has excelled exponentially.

In conclusion, it’s important to whether it’s management business or supervision to work with your team and delegate your staff accordingly Let each worker find their voice and expertise.

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24 hours to hell and back season 3 episode 1

Gordon Ramsay is back and he’s not taking any excuses from anybody The first restaurant that Gordon visits is Lowry’s a seafood restaurant in Tappahannock, Virginia ran by two sons one who is unmotivated to continue to be in the restaurant and the other micromanager and an unmotivated staff.

As the episode begins you get to see the condition of the restaurant and how badly they have Let It Go, due to their massive debt they’re forced to buy from local markets instead of buying the bulk, we also have a boss who is not happy with the way things are and avoids the business altogether.

Gordon Ramsay disguised as an old man in a wheelchair he drags several seniors with him to the restaurant  in order to get an in-depth look on the goings-on of the restaurant and it’s not good you have spoiled crab cakes sour oysters and chewy beef.

Immediately you see the changes that are going on in this season of 24 hours to hell and back and set a everybody following them to the mobile kitchen that Gordon seems to find a way to hide they’re all displayed on the TV monitors at the restaurant.

After the guests leave and the employees get everything off their you see everything that’s wrong with the kitchen they have raw meat mixed with cooked meat, all the seafood is rotten, dirty vents dirty kitchen nothing has been cleaned for months which I don’t care how bad things get you should never let go of your kitchen especially when dealing with those who eat your food.

After Gordon talks to Brothers, he turns everything around teaches that cooks how to cook to prepare them for the relaunch.

In any industry if you take care of your employees they will take care of you also if you take care of your customers they will take care of you

Head Chef Anthony who is Excelled in the beginning fell to the pressure of and ended up quitting mid service leaving Eric to take over and also Mele saving in the service got two months later the restaurant is doing well and it has flourished since then.

I cannot stress cleanliness enough it is important to have a clean kitchen throwing away whatever isn’t being used or even damaged if you need to revamp anyting there are company is out there that will help you or invest.

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Boyce Watkins
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Safety cleaning

A Buffalo Wild Wings chemical spill leaves one dead and 13 hospitalized after an employee was mopping up chemicals with a cleaning solution.

It’s important to note Before cleaning up any spill it’s important to know what you’re cleaning and proper labels so it doesn’t cause a chemical reaction that can lead to irritated airways, respiratory problems, or burns to skin, eyes, throat, nose, and lungs.

Some gases are created from combined cleaning products that could cause damage to the nervous system, eyes, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys, and even death, this is why every restaurant or business must have an MSDS inventory according to OSHA regulations

Dealing with chemical spills

  • Immediately alert area occupants and supervisor, and evacuate the area, if necessary.
  • If there is a fire or medical attention is needed, contact Public Safety at 609-258-3333.
  • Attend to any people who may be contaminated. Contaminated clothing must be removed immediately and the skin flushed with water for no less than fifteen minutes. Clothing must be laundered before reuse. See First Aid for Chemical Exposures for more information.
  • If a volatile, flammable material is spilled, immediately warn everyone, control sources of ignition and ventilate the area

In closing while it’s very important as a business owner to make sure that all of your employees are trained properly handling chemicals such as cleaning supplies and any other food and safety protocols.
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Gordon Ramsay’s to hell and back episode review

In this very first emotional premiere of Gordon Ramsay’s to hell and back we see the transformation of Bella Gianna’s a restaurant in Congers, New York and deal with important issues that strike small business owners like immediately spoilers ahead let’s dive into it. Now the first thing I noticed was the owner Vinni who was suffering from A severe state of depression after the loss of his brother in law and the declined of his business. He Felt like he failed his parents who were the ones keeping the restaurant afloat, His level of anguish and resentment showed in the way he treated customers, his employees and his family, The chef had ultimately given up due to stress brought on by Vinni. The Decour was old and the kitchen was not up to code The restaurant had gone through hell with the help of Gordon Ramsay,The family, staff and crew a simplified menu, revamp, rebranding and renovation of the restaurant he managed to turn it around in just 24 hours while working together with ultimately it was up to Vinni To maintain this new style. Now I want point out a couple things.

  1. It is just as important for an employee to maintain order as it is for the employer. Make sure that you maintain your space and disregard orders deemed impulsive or illogical continue to follow food and safety rules
  2. As an employee of a small business understand that you are not just an employee but a partner and member of the family and to treat it as such even if that means tough love don’t just complain but maintain.
  3. Take initiative to improve company standards bringing your own style and flavor and make that difference.
  4. As an Owner listen to the employees and your customers change what needs to be changed and if you are past the point of no return and are bleeding money And can’t get Gordon Ramsay or celebrity to help you I urge you to set up a crowdfunding campaign and offer incentives to those who partner with you.
  5. revamp And rebrand your restaurant invite members of the community as well as influencers that will help you along your journey
  6. After you have revamped, Rebrand and renovate Use social media and sites like meet up’s to invite more customers to dine at your restaurant
  7. always remember you’re never alone whether you’re in business or in life so talk to someone about your struggle. Everyone fails in life but life is as long as you keep it the opportunity to rise above failure is nearby so don’t give up.

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