24 hours to hell and back season 3 episode 1

Gordon Ramsay is back and he’s not taking any excuses from anybody The first restaurant that Gordon visits is Lowry’s a seafood restaurant in Tappahannock, Virginia ran by two sons one who is unmotivated to continue to be in the restaurant and the other micromanager and an unmotivated staff.

As the episode begins you get to see the condition of the restaurant and how badly they have Let It Go, due to their massive debt they’re forced to buy from local markets instead of buying the bulk, we also have a boss who is not happy with the way things are and avoids the business altogether.

Gordon Ramsay disguised as an old man in a wheelchair he drags several seniors with him to the restaurant  in order to get an in-depth look on the goings-on of the restaurant and it’s not good you have spoiled crab cakes sour oysters and chewy beef.

Immediately you see the changes that are going on in this season of 24 hours to hell and back and set a everybody following them to the mobile kitchen that Gordon seems to find a way to hide they’re all displayed on the TV monitors at the restaurant.

After the guests leave and the employees get everything off their you see everything that’s wrong with the kitchen they have raw meat mixed with cooked meat, all the seafood is rotten, dirty vents dirty kitchen nothing has been cleaned for months which I don’t care how bad things get you should never let go of your kitchen especially when dealing with those who eat your food.

After Gordon talks to Brothers, he turns everything around teaches that cooks how to cook to prepare them for the relaunch.

In any industry if you take care of your employees they will take care of you also if you take care of your customers they will take care of you

Head Chef Anthony who is Excelled in the beginning fell to the pressure of and ended up quitting mid service leaving Eric to take over and also Mele saving in the service got two months later the restaurant is doing well and it has flourished since then.

I cannot stress cleanliness enough it is important to have a clean kitchen throwing away whatever isn’t being used or even damaged if you need to revamp anyting there are company is out there that will help you or invest.

That’s all I have for you today check out my like a boss review if you seen it I have a non-spoiler review as well


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To hell and back episode 2 old coffee pot

The old coffee pot is a breakfast restaurant in the middle of The busiest French quarter of New Orleans In this episode I have seen numerous things wrong with this restaurant here’s my evaluation of the restaurant before it’s makeover

  1. Lack of supervision and management. Your management and employees are a representation of your business where are the ambassadors so when they are unhappy or when there is lack of supervision that reflects on you and quite often when you have Poor leader ship and supervision employees will do as they please
  2. Lack of customer or Quality service It is important that your employees greet customers with respect and glee Employees should Pay attention to customers and check on them as much as possible unless you have Zioskthen all you need is a pager just don’t hold it against your employees too much.
  3. Lack of quality control: when it comes to food you need to remember several rules taste it before you send it when I doubt throw it out For exampleI went to Starbucks at an undisclosed location and bought a Parfait grab the first one The texture was off took it back look to see the other two that were left and the same thing the texture was watery so I brought it to the employees attention you gave me A fresh one but he put the other two that I Warned him about back on the shelf this should not happen. Be sure to practice food safety guidelines to not contaminate your food by licking the plate
  4. Lack of marketing: when you have Idol time be sure to use it in a more productive manner if it’s busy outside and slow inside the best thing to do is to lure customers. Several ways you can do that invite them inside or you can give out samples your best dishes do this as often use meetups to invite customers
  5. Poor body language (post posture) when greeting a customer don’t let them see you lean on the counter give them a sense of belonging gratitude for being there
  6. Make sure you clean up after every shift or as frequent as possible to avoid any infestation
  7. Atmosphere
  • Make sure your guest feel more welcomed And less of an inconvenience for more look to number 2 and 5

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