24 hours to hell and back episode 2

In episode 2 Chef Gordon goes to the Jersey Shore to help a fancy restaurant called blend on Main in Manasquan, New Jersey which is co-owned and operated by chef Lou Smith.

it used to receive it’s the best season during the summer months when people are on vacation however 10 months of the year it was struggling so just get by since the episode already has been doing a lot better.

During the start of the episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay explains the overworked father-of-three has been trying to juggle the business and his family life since he’s opened up the restaurant, his frustration has caused him to lash out constantly at his employees to the point where some of them have walked out on him his anger has also been a major issue than his marriage.

This is something that I can relate to being a workaholic like my father who is 48 when he died of a massive heart attack spent 22 hours of his days running a restaurant with my stepmother in the East Tremont section of the Bronx.

Due to the discovery, Gordon Ramsay on the shore Gordon enlists his friend and fellow Chef James Avery,
Chef Avery disguises himself as a pilot with Botox, while Gordon Ramsay dresses up as a cameraman

At the restaurant, Gordon Ramsay takes his camera into the kitchen and finds Lou wiping down his face and the plate with the same rag and after the two go out with the big reveal you can see the issues with the restaurant poor food handling, rotten food and harsh treatment towards employees and his wife.

After the guests leave Gordon decides to spend some time with the staff to get their Insight on what is wrong with the state of the restaurant and they confirmed that it is due to the negative energy that he throws out into the atmosphere which is a factor of being overworked and overall stress of possibly losing his restaurant.

After sitting down with the staff Gordon sets his sights on Lou who doesn’t see that the mounting pressure that he puts on himself and his staff will eventually lead to his death and loss of everything and everyone and his life that is the most important which makes sense you have to have trust with your employees and you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of everything else

Later on, he starts working with the cooks on the new menu he eventually shows Lou that she can trust his staff and if that does a phenomenal job showing him that he can trust them I got the job done.

With 24 hours of hell and the staff are ready for the relaunch of Blend on main the doors are reopened and it is a complete success with a few minor hiccups, it takes heed to Ramsey’s advice and changes his tone with his wife and his crew, 3 months later business is booming and everything worked out for the better.

There are several ways for a business to improve all year round especially being in a location such as the Jersey Shore.

  • Inviting Meetups
  • Renting out your venue for corporate and political events
  • Using Food Service apps such as seamless, Uber Eats door dash, and Postmates to increase sales
  • Using social media
  • Bring customers in from the streets
  • Group on
  • Publicity

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Safety cleaning

A Buffalo Wild Wings chemical spill leaves one dead and 13 hospitalized after an employee was mopping up chemicals with a cleaning solution.

It’s important to note Before cleaning up any spill it’s important to know what you’re cleaning and proper labels so it doesn’t cause a chemical reaction that can lead to irritated airways, respiratory problems, or burns to skin, eyes, throat, nose, and lungs.

Some gases are created from combined cleaning products that could cause damage to the nervous system, eyes, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys, and even death, this is why every restaurant or business must have an MSDS inventory according to OSHA regulations

Dealing with chemical spills

  • Immediately alert area occupants and supervisor, and evacuate the area, if necessary.
  • If there is a fire or medical attention is needed, contact Public Safety at 609-258-3333.
  • Attend to any people who may be contaminated. Contaminated clothing must be removed immediately and the skin flushed with water for no less than fifteen minutes. Clothing must be laundered before reuse. See First Aid for Chemical Exposures for more information.
  • If a volatile, flammable material is spilled, immediately warn everyone, control sources of ignition and ventilate the area

In closing while it’s very important as a business owner to make sure that all of your employees are trained properly handling chemicals such as cleaning supplies and any other food and safety protocols.
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Notorious finesse.

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Partnering restaurants with Uber and postmates

As a restaurant or store that’s partnering with Uber or Postmates it is important to remember that the delivery personnel takes the place of the customer and employee So if the order is incorrect, incomplete or delayed the delivery personnel is penalized for any errors which will result in the the suspension or dismissal of the delivery personnel.

as a courier for both platforms I have seen firsthand my share of mistakes made by the partners for example this one post mates order I was given the wrong order and didn’t realize it until I got to the customer when I tried to retrieve it from the store the cashier/server was not only dismissive but became belligerent towards me but there was no strikes issued to the employee the strike was issued to me.

While the responsibility falls on the courier with postmates it is still important for both parties to display a level of professionalism which doesn’t happen that often.

As the training video displays, if you need to stop taking orders for what ever reason you do so by pressing pause order too many times I’ve been to restaurants and they were closed, as a matter of fact this one particular establishment (which I get to in a later blog) told to ignore any orders to that store till 6am.

The training also shows if you sell out of a product Any product including DRINKS you can do mark it sold out, Or if the employee or managers failed to do so or the drinks ran out after the order please do not guess, instead call the customer and find out what alternatives they may want, the customer might be allergic or may get upset for giving the diet instead regular.

First in first out, when in doubt throw it out

now this rule is imperative whether the customer is present or not, the first in first out rule or FIFO for short is important to remember so you don’t poison anybody.

It’s a simple system everyone needs to follow to the T whenever you are distributing food remember what you put in for this week you take out the next, dates are important and when you are in doubt throw it out, if it doesn’t look, smell or taste kosher don’t serve it. If you wouldn’t eat or drink it yourself or give to family and friends then throw it OUT.

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Darren Marlar of Marlar house who does weird darkness and weird news daily also join Darren Marlar to Battle the darkness his campaign to help help people who struggle with depression and Suicidal thoughts which I’ve also struggled with in the past. Nothing is ever hopeless Talk to someone you’re not alone or download Wizdo on your phone

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Pre-order The System of Passive Aggressive Racism In The System of White Supremacy by Phil Scott

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