How to share your Instagram profile on social media

whether it’s copy and paste or a simple click of the share button there are ways to share your Instagram profile on Twitter so that it doesn’t look like this.

The problem with this method overall Is the link is unclickable which means you would have to try your best to copy the Instagram tag then log in to Instagram and past it in however because we live in an instant world where people don’t want to go through the trouble it’s much easier to just go on Instagram and follow these steps

Go into your settings click invite friends then click invite friends by
And this is the result

and you can edit your tweet however you want like this example

Hopefully this was educational for you and you’re able to replicate this method.

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Are @Instagram and @Facebook replacing websites

Facebook and Instagram is huge while they are the same company they provide similar services such as a Business Page which you use to grow your presence, shows what you offer and allows your customers to review your product or service, this feature is also good for people don’t have a brick-and-mortar and just have an online business and if you’re in the restaurant industry you can post pictures of food and Facebook will show potential customers what you’re selling in the restaurant industry, you can even buy tickets to events.

Facebook and Instagram have also become a digital marketplace for businesses to sell products and services similar to how YouTubers use teespring as a sales extension to combat the YouTubes algorithm and do you monitor it’s problems with demonetization or how LinkedIn and Shapr Connects potential employer and employers which is another Facebook is pull off however I don’t recommend you looking for a job using Facebook it gives employers the opportunity to determine applicants based on their personal life but that’s a topic for another day.

So yes I believe it’s fair to say that Facebook and Instagram Are replacing websites, and funnels especially with the features that Facebook and Instagram offer, but you should still have a website or funnel as a backup

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