Worker shortage

There has been a lot of talk about an employment shortage and it is being blamed on the pandemic unemployment there is a distinct solution to all of this.

If you choose to keep your wages the way they are you might as well hire homeless people right off the street or the shelter they are the only ones that will take that job.

Another option would be to hire a staffing agency that will provide you with the staff but you would have to pay that either monthly or daily depending on the company like wonolo or Distinctive Personnel.

As I was in Florida looking for an apartment, I saw a lot of companies hiring this one Burger King that I kept going to only had one cashier who was doing both dining room and drive through orders by herself; the only help she had was a fellow employee who was dealing with the back bar it was to the point where they didn’t open one day because they, didn’t have the employees they needed they were offering $10 an hour to work while the McDonald’s right across the street from them was offering was $11 an hour, and KFC offered a job application with every meal.

Granted, this is Florida, and Florida is vastly different than New York; with that being said, a living wage in Florida is about $14 an hour; a living wage does not mean you can have an apartment; it means you can afford a room. You’re lucky if you find a hotel room for at least $800 a month In addition to other expenses.

In conclusion, businesses should consider the Disney and Universal model if they choose not to pay minimum wage; other alternatives are employee housing, daycare, or tuition assistance answer the small businesses treat your workers correctly and they will be loyal to you.

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Minimum wage and higher education

For several years there has been this movement calling for a living wage that maybe reasonable for big corporation.

companies like Disney have raised their minimum wage voluntarily and continually providing discounts and services just for working for them Like tuition and housing.

Most companies provide benefits to its employees that don’t get taken advantage of

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Walmart
  3. Target
  4. Chipotle
  5. Verizon
  6. Home Depot
  7. Chase
  • So instead of staying stagnant and calling for $15 an hour when you can’t even serve food correctly Between expired parfait and soupy coffee, work at a place you’re passionate about whether it be marketing customer service hospitality and take advantage of their tuition programs are use our places you want to spend the rest your life at.

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