McDonald’s businesses news 8/27/2018

They are at it again the CDC has found over 500 cases of people who became sick with an intestinal illness after eating McDonald’s salads which is not surprising considering that on several occasions neither my Parfait or my salad was expired.

The FDA said Friday that 507 cases have been confirmed in over 15 states

Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Connecticut, New York City, Tennessee, and Virginia Illinois and Kentucky,Florida thank god for bathrooms if not they’ll be accidents all over the place oh wait it’s Florida never mind

Reports found its salad was linked to a cyclospora parasite which causes unpleasant symptoms such as

    intestinal pain
  • Come to think I should see a doctor I have 3/4 just missing the vomiting that’s what I get for trying to healthy.
  • If you or someone you have any of these symptoms seek medical attention immediately as for me I’m going to try to stay away from McDonald’s for at least a month and try the zeal, cliff bars, lean cuisines and banquet
  • To avoid fiascos like this from occurring, as a customer check the date on the bottom of the salad and if doesn’t taste, feel or smell Kosher send it back.
  • McDonald’s please check the dates, Make sure there’s no cross contamination and whatever you do make you promote Erika Chavolla to head of security

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    McDonald’s business news

    A 32 week old pregnant woman from Canada who stopped at McDonald’s for a caffeine rush got more then what she expected when she ordered a latte from a McDonald’s drive-thru in Alberta, Canada

    She drove off and took a sip, it tasted funny and her mouth burned luckily she a bottle of water in her which she used to rinse out her mouth she went back and informed the manager about the state of her coffee.

    It turns out the coffee machine which was being cleaned and the milk supply line was connected to cleaning solution which caused the cross contamination.

    Both mother and child are expected to be okay, McDonald’s apologized and is reviewing its cleaning practice.

    Given the fact that I have had massive food poisoning on more then several occasions And considering The fight for 15 movement I have to say that most of the employees need more training on food handling.

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    Rotation is important in food handling I have spoken about this before last time it was but temperature granted this is not the first time I had a parfait that was not up to par the last one I had gave me food poisoning now today I’m going to Talk about rotation Today is July 30 this is food handling 101 Alcatraz landing in San Francisco had a better understanding of this then McDonald’s.

    It’s important to talk about FIFO rotation system in order not to poison anybody so now it’s time for retraining so here we go

    A simple system everyone needs to follow to the T whenever you are distributing food remember what you put in for this week you take out the next dates are important and when in doubt throw it don’t serve food you wouldn’t eat yourself or give to family and friends.

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    The future of work

    So I’m going to start off by saying no one or nothing is taking away jobs from anyone except Jeff Bazos with cashier-less stores. However people are literally giving their jobs away and this is due in part to the fact that nobody wants to do hard labor like work on a farm or flip burgers or making deliveries, for example I had this one guy from a huge chain tell me that customers Sought out revenge by ordering food because they were closed the night before Another example when I tried to tell my coworkers about Postmates they made the excuse that it was too cold As a man with CP, asthma and a bad back from an accident three years ago I find that statement to be offensive . Just recently Caliburger made headline when he employed a robot named flippy to flip burgers After he saw a high turnover rate in his company because people didn’t want to work the grill or where looking for more money and we have seen this time and time again and other franchises, Farms and slaughter houses and although there’s nothing wrong with asking for more money for your work and people should be rewarded for their longevity and loyalty especially with the cost of living and I’m aware of the things employers try to get away with like wage theft, unpaid overtime etc. etc. however we have to see the changes that have been implemented in recent years like McDonald’s offering college tuition to their employees.

    so when people go on with that fear mongering about how robots and immigrants are try and take people job I want you to ask yourself why. I’ll close with this which is the same argument I make everytime Instead of getting a job that you hate work in or around the field where you are most passionate in.

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