The real conspiracy

Although my belief about conspiracy theories is that it takes away from personal responsibility however here are the real conspiracy. You have to remember one thing The corporate and alternative media is there to cause anger and confusion and provoke violence to depopulate the planet in the words of George carlin if they can keep us fighting with each other we get distracted they get to go running to the bank. I’ll break it down every form of the branch

1 The FEMA camps are the private prisons and detention centers for the immigrants

2 Cases of police brutality and police killings compared to the fact that mass shooters are taken alive without harm Like Dylan roof, Nikolas cruz, James Alex fields Travis Reinking Who Has been ordered to have a psych evaluation and Recently Dimitrios Pagourtzis. There is a disparity in the Justice Department where some people are given harsh sentences for Minor offenses and others face The bare minimum while others like Ethan couch, Brock Turner and the bundys get off light For worst offenses. This is used to create The narrative of racial disparity so we can continue to be divided and continue to trend the #WhitePrivilege

3 Police Departments, the department of justice, the healthcare industry, the water and energy companies and the NRA are all involved in the death panel case in point

This propaganda video
The death of thousands whether it’s at the hands of police, licensed gun owners, denying coverage to sick Americans the death penalty poisoning our food and our water supply whether it’s through lead in the water pesticides in our food or Monsanto’s round up and GMO’s (by the way they just merged with bayar The creators of aspirin) in addition to bringing on climate change.

4 They’re selling our information to the highest bidder they’re changing the internet and filter the news and then creating a false narrative and fake news like pizzagate comet ping-pong pizza was fake it was a false flag to create a false flag. Just like The Russia Peegate was fake and Donald Trump’s tweets everything is there to distract us

5 The first amendment of the Constitution gives us freedom of speech religion press the right to assemble yet these rights are being taken away from us Via boycotts shutting down free-speech, Censorship and political correctness

6 Student loan debt is it all time high it cause people to work 2 to 3 more jobs at a time. this is a form of indebted servitude and a cause of stress related illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, High blood pressure and kidney disease As well as lack of supervision in the household

7 Those hobbit homes you talk about are pods The rent is so high in cities like New York Chicago San Francisco and LA that people have to resort to living in four bedroom apartments with multiple bunkbeds and those who can’t afford that are forced into sleeping in the parks, the streets In their cars, RV campers or tiny homes

8 The militarized police is there to set up martial law. As well The protest ban on the NFL is there to simulate a tyrannical government to distract and divide the masses.

9 The corporate media is still used to spread propaganda and division just like FOXNews

In closing if I was part of the illuminati/NWO I would make up conspiracies to discredit other conspiracy theorist I would manipulate the minds and hearts of the masses by manipulating celebrities like Jay Z, Beyoncé, Robert De Niro and Roseanne Barr to say or do what we want them to say or do and I wouldn’t have to use MK ultra to do it I could just use your emotion and I could use the media to spread whatever message I want understand the tricks of the enemy the biggest lie of the devil ever invented was that he didn’t exist.

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The best way to give someone attention that you feel doesn’t deserves attention or money is by boycotting them and ensuring that they make more money than what what you have taken from them And make yourself look like the fool while punishing yourself is to boycott them. Over the past year I have seen boycotts after boycott from burning jerseys and tickets to breaking Keurigs

To Laura Ingram’s sponsors the list goes on and on. To Lauren Ingram’s credit she came back with a new segment called defending the first although I haven’t seen much of it but the little that I have seen of it seems like she’s rather consistent now (when it came to the NFL protests which I will get in to in a later blog) which to me makes her watchable. But this isn’t about the NFL it has to do more with the Netflix boycott over the Obama deal. Love them or hate them Obama has a right to make as much money as he wants since he is no longer president and it’s no different than when former President Bush went back to his oil business and Dick Cheney went back to his defense company Except Obama doesn’t control nor is a lobbyist for the telecommunications company or the FCC so none of this actually affects anyone unless your a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist who believes Obama has special Mind control powers and will control those who uses Netflix services but if you ask me it’s better than doing speeches for Wall Street. By boycotting Netflix you are only hurting punishing yourself and I’m actually going to reference Darren Marlar from Marlar house

Obama didn’t cause any of your problems he didn’t bring racism back, he didn’t demonize cops and he didn’t create black lives matter or he created Isis there’s a difference he didn’t cause the immigration problem as a matter fact he deported a lot of immigrants out of this country he didn’t create another housing crises or initiate agenda 21 you can blame that on Techi, California, greedy landlords high taxes Airbnb and gentrification but that’s also discussion for another time. you guys still have your guns and hopefully still have your health care because after what I’ve seen you need it

There goes your well armed militia…
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