Security Services

Over the course of several years there has been many incidences where cops are called lives are ruined and jobs are lost due to the digital age and the rise of Karen in addition to warrantless surveillance by Airbnb hosts and concerned tenants there is a solution to all this.

Hire a security guard or concierge company to deal with and prevent these things from happening there are certain companies that will actually hold your keys audit your airbnb’s and make sure that there are no trespassers coming in or out of your building.

As you guys know the duties of the security officer is to detect detour & report this is to prevent crime taking place trespassers and loaders prevent dramatic occurrences and Ensure that deliveries food or other items are delivered to the right people there was a case where a delivery man what is stopped bye a tenant who did not want to let him in because she didn’t recognize him this is a delivery guy you’re not going to recognize food delivery people in addition it can save the police time and money so they can deal with other issues then noise complaints then not recognizing the tenants.

Security officers are insured and more equipped to handle situations involving tenants so that may prevent injury, death or lawsuits this would be a perfect opportunity for both Airbnb host and tenants who may be concerned where people they don’t know or recognize in they’re building

In conclusion This would be a beneficial conversation to bring up during your next homeowners association or tenant association meeting.

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Trade or vocational training

One alternative College is vocational training and certification in many areas such as construction, engineering, Plumbing and and, technology, marine life, transportation, in addition to information technology real estate and security which if you’re going into security it is worth mentioning that the more certifications you have the more you’ll get paid.

A lot of these jobs that I have mentioned pay a living wage and are cheaper than student loans and their programs you may be able to get in for little to no cost depending on your employment status and income.

Lot of government programs nonprofit organizations will assist you in getting those certifications such as green construction, security, and coding technology several nonprofit organizations like strive or get out and stay out assist people who need that second chance especially those who have come out prison.

For example, Strives Mission is to help people acquire the life-changing skills and attitudes needed to overcome challenging circumstances, find sustained employment, and become valuable contributors to their families, their employers, and their communities.

While it is true that some skill Building Trades may not be available such as real estate, CDL certifications or 48-hour weapons defense training, anti-terrorism or TWIC card, you can get help with getting your security license CPR and AED certification fireguard OSHA certification and culinary arts.

In conclusion, if you feel like college isn’t for you pick up a trade if you can’t afford a trade the government would rather help you with that then continuously depend on them and if you need a second chance there are people out there who will help you with that.

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