The government and media are being ran by corporations

Now that March 4th has came and went I want to talk about how we are being run by the corporations Let Me Explain how.

Just like the American people, it’s not a small business that influences the government it is Big Business and large corporations that call the shots great example would be the covid relief bill nobody would allow the $15 minimum wage to pass wow some companies are okay with paying $15 an hour some do not approve or will say there prove but will find loophole how to get away with not paying $15 an hour like hiring gig workers and Third Party Factory full restrict bathroom uses.

Another way they try to do this is the Innocents Factor where they go through this whole virtue-signaling approach to everything just so you won’t look at their other practices while what they are saying may be true it does not negate their wrongdoing what Amazon preventing their workers from unionizing.

I said this before I’ll say it again if you need a law another Corporation to hold you accountable you are not a good person.

The gig economy however is also no better there is very little protection for employees especially New York where bathrooms we’re locked and you had to wait outside at certain locations like sweetgreen or Chick-fil-A, which is bad for people who have IBS or who have respiratory illnesses In addition it is very difficult to manage to make to make it a whole 8 hours and make minimum wage unless you are on a bike or get a number of pro points.

Now I will get into how to get livable wage if any politicians are interested in their constituents opinion in another blog however I would like to move on to how the banks, real estate market and social media influences our daily lives.

Target was not the only Corporation that was okay with the rioters and looters the banks, insurance companies real estate market, and even social media companies, and yes even social media companies because social media is still media as long as they can keep you on their platform they can still try to sell you an ad in addition to taking down your information and the reason why Banks, insurance companies and real estate was because they got to cash in on trauma because for those who lost their business they have insurance, insurance companies will also get paid out which means Banks win and the real estate market wins because they can resell or re-rent that particular property and gentrify that lot

However, While these corporations influence the government we have been able to influence the market and corporations by doing the same thing we normally do every year or every 4 years is vote with our dollars corporations know this which is why there is so much cancel culture because corporations will give in to demands of their consumers which is also why Tik Tok does what they do because they do not want to be canceled by anyone or how Reddit took down the Wall Street bets community, this is why Tik Tok is not good for social justice or any other type of free thought & only good for promotions and Mental Health even though they blocked #depression and #suicide In addition to not acting quick enough to pedophiles and racist and hiding lgbtq and disabled content creators But that’s an issue that’s going to need another blog post.

They also control the media which has a lot of influence on consumers look at Walt Disney company,( fox & ABC Broadcasting, Amazon( Washington post) and Google which is another reason why at times they are so divisive because each one plays through their narrative Until something goes wrong that will affect their bottom line.

next I will Talk about how Large corporations have also dominated the small business community and are manipulating the future and will bring A New Perspective, as to whether or not it’s a good or bad thing and how you can win so like and follow for more

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Ubereats and Postmates Walker

This is a subject I want to touch it on because I think it’s important to understand ubereats and Postmates potential earnings, their advertisement is slightly inaccurate and I believe this to be problematic.

Postmates and ubereats potential earnings promise you $27 an hour this is only possible if you have a mode of transportation like a car, bike, or scooter of some sort. you’re not going to make that as a walker you are making $10 an hour as a walker with minimum payouts ranging from $2.36 at delivery 4 dollars of delivery and you’re lucky and you get Postmates money because they may offer you one or two deliveries a day.

both companies have bonuses that can be achieved by completing a certain amount of deliveries for Example; On post mates, if you make 4 deliveries they will guarantee you 17.50 so as long as your earnings for 4 deliveries is that amount after tips.

Uber Quests bonus guarantees these amounts when you complete

Other than that if you don’t have any limitations as I do with a bad back and cerebral palsy or if you have a friend with a car or able to rent a car, Citi bike, Revel Moped, or a scooter and a portable charger your good.

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To all ubereats partners

Listen up to all Uber Eats partners and McDonald’s personal these are very important notes for you to grasp because this is a consistent issue specially at McDonald’s.

Here’s a list of several things you should be doing when it comes to Uber orders

  • Try your best double-check the order before you handed off to the delivery worker
  • If you do not have a certain item that people often ask for making sure you take it off the list also check the product to make sure it looks exactly like how it should look if it doesn’t throw it out don’t send it and inform not only the delivery worker but Uber customer care you can even contact the customer or have you Uber delivery guy to wish for you.
  • Do not substitute it for something else without asking the customer.
  • Do not add anything the customer didn’t ask for
  • And most importantly if you’re having a bad day stay home unless the customer turns your day around
  • And under any circumstances are you to put liquid inside a paper bag all it does is ruin the Integrity of the bag

I got everything on that list except for the 4 apple pies that I ordered instead they sent over 2 Extra cheeseburgers that were not presented in the best light.

Being in customer service is a very hard and thankless job which is why while I support a living wage I also support scholarship programs and counseling are those in the service industry that need it do what you love do what you can tolerate but to not stay at a job where you going to be miserable I’ve made that mistake too many times to the point where I almost took my own life and made everyone all his life miserable now my job is tolerable but I still hate it be safe be healthy and remember guest experience something to grow on thank you to all the essential Food Service workers that are out there your job is far from Easy I know it and I respect it but everyone deserves a good meal.

Anyway that’s all I have for today if you want to learn how you can get the job or career that you want or want to learn how to utilize your degree that you’ve been paying so much money for feel free to check out my other blogs

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  1. Divine Beauty
  2. Danielle DIY
  3. Real dence nay
  4. Sweets in the street
  5. Life with me Que
  6. Xplore food & rejoice
  7. Yanna & kids
  8. Simply faith
  9. Chartise the cooker
  10. Calvie CM

Brick-and-mortar stores

No matter what business should you open up whether it’s a grocery store retail store Surplus barber shops nail salons beauty shops Etc… Etc…. one thing that needs to happen is consistency for example one thing that I’ve noticed in seeing my neighborhood shops is that some small business owners will open whenever they want and this is not the way anybody should do business there should always be a consistent schedule and if it changes it must be updated.

When it comes to stocking shelves be sure to do one of two things,

  1. Listen to the customer as to what products they might want chances are if they’re asking for it someone else it is as well.
  2. Only purchase things you know will sell and do that is by following step number one

Another issue that tends to occur in small brick-and-mortar businesses is customer service we all have bad days customers come in they’re difficult at times they are as frustrated or sometimes even more frustrated then you are at times especially during this pandemic where customers are literally arguing against wearing a mask which I have to say employees and some of these businesses are doing an excellent job however some don’t even enforce it and then there’s some business owners and it’s okay to have a bad moment or a bad day we all are entitled to plenty.

However, one thing I realized working at one company, is that my negative energy is only going to affect me but everyone around me and it’s going to affect the way I do my job which is why I had to make the decision to quit before I committed suicide.

Moving on I have always been a True Believer in do what you love and love what you do while I understand that sometimes we do the things that we have to do we should still find purpose and joy in doing so try your best not to take your frustration from the last difficult customer you had on the one who is trying to do business in your establishment you are a representation of the company.

As a business owner, you must think of everyone whether its employees or customers and if someone isn’t working out then you have to let them go but make sure it’s for a legitimate reason doesn’t do the work, absenteeism excessive lateness and attitude other than that evaluate their weaknesses and utilize their strengths.

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How small streamers can help support small businesses while on their path to affiliates

Currently through this pandemic a lot of small businesses have been hurting while small streamers are growing every twitch streamers dream is to become an affiliate or an influencer that is extremely possible before you reach a higher number.

Small streamers can actually use their platform to promote small businesses whether it be food, clothing or Tech this is even a great tactic to earn more big name sponsors.

Streamers are usually viewed all around the world including locally Here are a few tactics you can use to support small businesses as well as getting them to sponsor you

  • Wear their clothing
  • Wear stickers on your controller
  • Order from their restaurant live on stream
  • Or simply shout them out

In conclusion This is a symbiotic partnership we’re both streamers and small businesses can benefit from so why not just experiment with it. That’s all I have for you today check out my other blogs

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What is the best cell service to use as a freelancer

If you are a freelancer Postmates Uber eats delivery Courier if you’re always on your phone for business you’re going to need a good network plan I’ve seen all the networks before I tell you what networks I will turn to next month or so I’m gonna break down each one because I think it’s very important when it comes to affordability and data usage.

As most of you guys already know on the side I do post mates and Uber eats when I’m not doing security I currently have Sprint.

With Sprint it depends on what type of phone you have as to how much you can use your phone so for example, I have the iPhone 7 if you have a call You can’t use data unless you’re on Wi-Fi or FaceTime (when it works), if not then you can’t accept deliveries or use your GPS.

If you lose service then he recovery time between when you lose service and get it back is about 10 seconds that’s a seconds longer Than T-moble and sometimes you have to reset it.

Data is another pain where if you use up your ”unlimited data” your phone slows down so you might be missing out on delivery however with sprint you still get 8% cashback every time you pay your bill with your Uber cash card.

Currently, ATT is Offering 22% off eligible plans while Verizon offers 15% off qualifying plans and features and 25% off select accessories For Uber drivers and delivery personnel.

So in conclusion when it comes to the best cell service for an entrepreneur I have to go with T-Mobile as a person who has Sprint and iPhone 7 my experience has not been ideal, T-Mobile is inexpensive and more reliable especially with sprints lag the past couple of days.

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Gordon Ramsay’s to hell and back episode review

In this very first emotional premiere of Gordon Ramsay’s to hell and back we see the transformation of Bella Gianna’s a restaurant in Congers, New York and deal with important issues that strike small business owners like immediately spoilers ahead let’s dive into it. Now the first thing I noticed was the owner Vinni who was suffering from A severe state of depression after the loss of his brother in law and the declined of his business. He Felt like he failed his parents who were the ones keeping the restaurant afloat, His level of anguish and resentment showed in the way he treated customers, his employees and his family, The chef had ultimately given up due to stress brought on by Vinni. The Decour was old and the kitchen was not up to code The restaurant had gone through hell with the help of Gordon Ramsay,The family, staff and crew a simplified menu, revamp, rebranding and renovation of the restaurant he managed to turn it around in just 24 hours while working together with ultimately it was up to Vinni To maintain this new style. Now I want point out a couple things.

  1. It is just as important for an employee to maintain order as it is for the employer. Make sure that you maintain your space and disregard orders deemed impulsive or illogical continue to follow food and safety rules
  2. As an employee of a small business understand that you are not just an employee but a partner and member of the family and to treat it as such even if that means tough love don’t just complain but maintain.
  3. Take initiative to improve company standards bringing your own style and flavor and make that difference.
  4. As an Owner listen to the employees and your customers change what needs to be changed and if you are past the point of no return and are bleeding money And can’t get Gordon Ramsay or celebrity to help you I urge you to set up a crowdfunding campaign and offer incentives to those who partner with you.
  5. revamp And rebrand your restaurant invite members of the community as well as influencers that will help you along your journey
  6. After you have revamped, Rebrand and renovate Use social media and sites like meet up’s to invite more customers to dine at your restaurant
  7. always remember you’re never alone whether you’re in business or in life so talk to someone about your struggle. Everyone fails in life but life is as long as you keep it the opportunity to rise above failure is nearby so don’t give up.

That’s what I learned from the first episode Let me know what you guys think of the episode and join me next time also if your A small business owner, student, I do blog on business and education as always don’t forget to check out my streamers the week

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If you guys have read my blog you know that I am for apprenticeships versus jobs a job is an acronym for Just Over broke.

Everybody needs work but At the same time if you’re in school it’s best to get a job that’s going to give you value where you can learn hands-on and work in the field in which you are studying which leads me to apprenticeship like Praxis.

Praxis is a company that places the students or potential students in apprenticeships at start up companies without attending college first.

Praxis is only one solution among others as I said previously if you’re studying medicine work in a hospital or work as a home health aide while you go to college if you’re studying criminal justice you can work for security companies, law firm’s work for a bounty Hunter.

whatever you do you want to make sure it matches what you’re studying So this way you’re learning more as you go along.

Jobs are meant to provide not just monetary gain but it’s supposed to set you up for the future so you can build up your skill and value also for those of you were working on McDonald’s,fast food restaurants, movie theaters etc. etc. places like McDonald’s and target have tuition programs that you can take advantage of instead of drowning in debt with student loans.

Don’t get stuck or be content with where you are if you’re interested in making money for the summer or looking for alternative ways of making money here are couple links to that as well.

Apprenticeships and freelancing

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Wonolo App review

As summer approaches there is great opportunity to find some extra cash I’m gonna be discussing which apps you should definitely download if you’re looking for extra work for the summertime. First on my list is going to be wonolo. Currently if you live in New York City The jobs that you see are mostly general warehouse style jobs, events and delivery jobs. if you can make it to New Jersey there’s more jobs available out there. keep in mind since June is soon arriving there are going to be more jobs available and there is more of a potential for a possible permanent position in addition there’s a lot of incentives such as referral, work bonuses and a discount program. It’s a good app to download if you’re looking for extra income but before you do here are a few rules.

  1. Be on time
  2. You’re there to work not to be on your phone
  3. Dress accordingly
  4. Don’t try to be Superman listen to your body if you think this job is not for you don’t do it
  5. Cancellation are done in four hours in advance
  6. Be respectful

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Market and advertising your restaurant, rental properties, Products and services by using social network

OK let’s say you have a restaurant or diner like midnight express you want people to come to your establishment You can advertise it anywhere by using all the conventional ways Google Facebook page, Twitter Instagram Snapchat or Pinterest or you could offer your establishment to meet up groups for example Star Trek meets once a month at CafeR and sometimes stone creek lounge but you could invite anyone. As long as guarantee that they’re going to spend a substantial amount of money. Same thing if you want to rent out your space like Ripley Grier. Look for people who don’t have a space weather a yoga class like naked in motion, a course or workshop like Renatus. And the opposite goes as well if you’re looking for a space or looking to advertise products and services Meetup is your best bet.