Youtube demonstration & censorship issue

While I am not a YouTuber I tend to watch a lot of YouTube videos and subscribe to multiple channels in addition to promoting them.

As a blogger, I understand how hard they work to bring content to their Target audiences whether it’s news, business, politics, entertainment, education, health, gaming or technology, etc..

Which is why I am against the idea of censorship however it depends on the content we have to be responsible with the content we put out and we also have to do our best to monitor our target audience.

The thing about YouTube Facebook and twitch is that their terms of service can be extremely vague and I believe it’s like that for reason however does it make a right every person has a right to defend their position you can’t do that if they don’t tell you what they feel you did wrong.

One example of this is Twitch Banning dr. Disrespect and not even telling him why they banned him however name like dr. Disrespect he probably pissed somebody off but that’s his brand he’s a professional shit talker I’ve never seen his dreams before and never heard of him until he got banned from twitch another one of my favorite channels internet today formerly known as ETC which was an affiliate of Machinima before Rick and Elliot went their own separate ways their recent video where they talk about dr. Disrespect and Twitter Bitcoin hack

  had been taken down for some odd reson

Luckily there video was restored and classified as a mistake YouTube “accidentally” struck their video down in addition to that review and reaction videos & channels are being taken down with copyright strikes we’re allowing Studios to dictate how we critique and react to they’re content Disney struck down a video on the pre season finale of 911 of small YouTuber Tech & ish but didn’t strike down the 20 other episodes of 911 and 911 Lonestar that he reviewed.

It’s only going to get worse from here since Facebook just bought mixer which is now Facebook gaming (also side note if anyone on Facebook gaming needs me to promote their Channel you can DM me on Twitter and I’ll take care of you)

In conclusion, There have been many competitors to YouTube and Facebook however many have failed due to the lack of support there is a new startup called bitchute it has its issues you can’t cast it on your phone so it’s kind of like quibi in that sense you also have this other streaming service which is more of a pay-to-play type of thing called nebula which you probably have seen promotions for on Legal Eagles Channel the only way these companies are going to learn is there we boycott YouTube and Facebook by going to other platforms like mewe It’s the only social network built on trust, control and love or go back to Myspace.

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Quick thoughts of Anquan Boldin commercial

During the Super Bowl, Anquan Boldin published a 1-minute ad called Inspire change that showcased his organization main focus

  • Police community relations
  • Financial and educational advancement
  • Criminal Justice Reform

That doesn’t seem to be an issue However There are people who are split with this ad because it talks about something a lot of people are triggered by and that is the death of Corey Jones a drummer Whose car broke down on the side of the road

Corey Jones Was shot and killed by a plainclothes police officer who failed to follow proper procedure new policy That cop was sentenced to 25 years in prison Because of it.

His message’s something I and many others can get behind however Sadly, there are people who because of the content his message null and void.

People like Anquan Boldin is the reason why I started my blog in the first place This blog is called citizens for equal opportunity It was born from black lives matter this blog was not to talk about the problem, but how to Find solution so we can fix it.

In conclusion, Anquan’s message does not get lost, His message is clear the only people Who It doesn’t reach are the ones who are offended That you mentioned anything about police brutality. Also in order to not take away from those who are actually working with the community. I want to shout out to Police officers in organizations that are the same thing through humanizing the badge

  1. Mike the Cop
  2. officer Baker
  3. officer401
  4. Anthony Johnson(ohnoitsdapopo)
  5. Vinnie Montez

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