How not to cold message people

During the pandemic, you saw a rise in work from home multi-level marketing opportunities and cold messaging, especially after the Wall Street bets incident.

1st and foremost, when your messaging someone on Facebook or Twitter that you don’t know in the hole in the wall, It is incredibly disrespectful to cold message someone And not respect the boundaries given to You.

Which is why I have chosen to tell you the do’s and don’t of cold messaging so you can Preserve or receive a referral from prospects.

  1. Cut to the chase; most people know why you are contacting them.
  2. Get to know them By studying their profile Just as they will explore yours and either shut you down or Embrace your product.
  3. Don’t push. I know it says Never take no for an answer, but By pushing Your product onto people who Don’t want it or can’t afford it right now is only going to push them even  further into debt or mental health
  4. When you get a no’s, move on, don’t torment or try to manipulate your potential customer because what you’re doing is you’re leaving a bad taste In their mouth About your product.

Number 4 is significant because a lot of multi-level marketers are suffering so severely there desperate for clients, and when they hear no,  They will try to get into the Rebuttal when the rebuttal doesn’t work, move to insult you, and try to manipulate you Through that method.

Always be honest about your intention, for example, a lot of  Internet gurus will tell you not to give out too much information to the prospect to spark  Curiosity And to prevent research From giving Product a chance to speak for itself; this is not the case the reason why they tell you not to Give out information about the company. Specifically, the company’s name is that there are a lot of negative reviews Of people who Have been to the process  Follow the script to the T and still couldn’t push what they were selling Or Recruiting.

As an alternative Offer perspective, Let them know That this product Or job is not for everyone. However, I see the value in financial freedom and time management. The product works for me, and it works for people who have tried it, Listen to what they have to offer and make your decision then And even if you don’t make it with us, I guarantee you Will walk away with knowledge And information on how to move forward On your own At best, give it 90 days.

In conclusion, be kind, courteous, honest, and respectful, Study And analyse both your prospect and Company you are with Come up with strategies And don’t push your potential Prospects To those who are ready to join your program.

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Shaw Academy

A couple months ago I signed up for Shaw Academy I studied social media marketing four 4 months this is pretty much my thoughts on Shaw Academy.

The first 4 weeks are free at every month after that you have to pay for while I admit I was ready to quit the first month by the time it was $60 a month and an additional $240 for the final certifications and toolkit

The learning material itself is generic and outdated, the customer service is nonexistent it’s impossible to get through they never email mail you unless you quit and the only receipt you get are on your bank statements any certificates you have to download it or print it out.

If I could suggest anything I’d suggest going with skillshare or 360 training at the end of day invest in yourself

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Mecharandom 42

24 hours to hell and back episode 2

In episode 2 Chef Gordon goes to the Jersey Shore to help a fancy restaurant called blend on Main in Manasquan, New Jersey which is co-owned and operated by chef Lou Smith.

it used to receive it’s the best season during the summer months when people are on vacation however 10 months of the year it was struggling so just get by since the episode already has been doing a lot better.

During the start of the episode, Chef Gordon Ramsay explains the overworked father-of-three has been trying to juggle the business and his family life since he’s opened up the restaurant, his frustration has caused him to lash out constantly at his employees to the point where some of them have walked out on him his anger has also been a major issue than his marriage.

This is something that I can relate to being a workaholic like my father who is 48 when he died of a massive heart attack spent 22 hours of his days running a restaurant with my stepmother in the East Tremont section of the Bronx.

Due to the discovery, Gordon Ramsay on the shore Gordon enlists his friend and fellow Chef James Avery,
Chef Avery disguises himself as a pilot with Botox, while Gordon Ramsay dresses up as a cameraman

At the restaurant, Gordon Ramsay takes his camera into the kitchen and finds Lou wiping down his face and the plate with the same rag and after the two go out with the big reveal you can see the issues with the restaurant poor food handling, rotten food and harsh treatment towards employees and his wife.

After the guests leave Gordon decides to spend some time with the staff to get their Insight on what is wrong with the state of the restaurant and they confirmed that it is due to the negative energy that he throws out into the atmosphere which is a factor of being overworked and overall stress of possibly losing his restaurant.

After sitting down with the staff Gordon sets his sights on Lou who doesn’t see that the mounting pressure that he puts on himself and his staff will eventually lead to his death and loss of everything and everyone and his life that is the most important which makes sense you have to have trust with your employees and you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of everything else

Later on, he starts working with the cooks on the new menu he eventually shows Lou that she can trust his staff and if that does a phenomenal job showing him that he can trust them I got the job done.

With 24 hours of hell and the staff are ready for the relaunch of Blend on main the doors are reopened and it is a complete success with a few minor hiccups, it takes heed to Ramsey’s advice and changes his tone with his wife and his crew, 3 months later business is booming and everything worked out for the better.

There are several ways for a business to improve all year round especially being in a location such as the Jersey Shore.

  • Inviting Meetups
  • Renting out your venue for corporate and political events
  • Using Food Service apps such as seamless, Uber Eats door dash, and Postmates to increase sales
  • Using social media
  • Bring customers in from the streets
  • Group on
  • Publicity

If you like to learn more I also have an old blog 7 Ways to Promote your Business

That’s all I have for you today check out my like a boss review if you haven’t seen it I have a non-spoiler review as well


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How to share your Instagram profile on social media

whether it’s copy and paste or a simple click of the share button there are ways to share your Instagram profile on Twitter so that it doesn’t look like this.

The problem with this method overall Is the link is unclickable which means you would have to try your best to copy the Instagram tag then log in to Instagram and past it in however because we live in an instant world where people don’t want to go through the trouble it’s much easier to just go on Instagram and follow these steps

Go into your settings click invite friends then click invite friends by
And this is the result

and you can edit your tweet however you want like this example

Hopefully this was educational for you and you’re able to replicate this method.

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That’s all I have for you today check out my like a boss review if you seen it I have a non-spoiler review as well


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What Fuller house and the Conners got right and what they got wrong starting a business

Both Fuller house and the Conners have very similar plots for the season I want to focus on the fact that in both shows they open a business and offer the viewers a lot of information that they could use when starting a restaurant.

Like many businesses owning a restaurant is a challenge that many faces, you have to think about a lot of things such as the cost the price the product the space and the location as a son of a restaurant owner I recognize my father’s struggle who were 20 hours a day 7 days a week and an overweight diabetic amongst other things but I digress.

In season 5 episode 3 of Fuller house DJ convinces Steve to hang out with Fernando who is struggling with retirement and Jimmy who’s struggling away balancing his time as a freelance photographer, as the episode continues the 3 meet up at Uncle Monty Sandwich Emporium for lunch, along the conversation they received their food and after countless banter the three find out that Uncle Monty’s is moving to Florida and closing the shop in 2 weeks the 3 are distraught and disappointed about the news and then it cuts the next scene.

In the next scene, you see Stephanie and Kimmy as Jimmy and Fernando walking in and offer the 2 a sandwich that is when they reveal that they just bought Uncle Monty’s business with Steve being the investor. Both Stephanie and Kimmy are disappointed that the decision that they made was done without them and are very skeptical as to how the business was going to be run fair when DJ walks in the house she learns from the girls of the situation and also informed her that Steve is the one who’s investing.

At the end of the episode, Steve explains that this was a good business decision and that he can even franchise Uncle Monty’s like subways the girls warm up to the idea and the episode ends.

In episode 5 you have the grand re-opening of Uncle Monty’s which in the beginning has a lot of issues that if you’re not on social media you may run into these problems. Episode 5 titled Ready Player Fuller we have the grand reopening of Uncle Monty’s Andy episode Jimmy is dealing with promotions and ordering products for the store preparing it for the grand re-opening, they run into a few fixable problems they find out that the date of the grand reopening was scheduled for the day after but they don’t have the products that they need for a successful Grand re-opening nor do they have a banner for the event. Later on in the episode, they use they’re getting ready for the grand re-opening it successful but successful for the wrong reasons, unfortunately, everybody received a Groupon for Uncle Monty’s promising an 82% off. As the episode continues they have officially run out of the product as they had earlier predicted so Jimmy makes the unfortunate announcement that they had officially run out product and they weren’t ready for the opening.

Finally, at the end of the episode, the customers band together and decided to share their sandwiches with other customers but before any takers come they’re saved at the last minute by the local distributor.

The Conners had a similar what for its second season so best dive into it with a short recap

In season 2 of The Conners Becky gives birth to her first child, moves into her parent’s basement and goes back to working at the bar during this time Jackie sees that the old lunch box is back on the market, so she decides to see if Becky wants to partner with her in reopening The Lunchbox.

In Discovery they find out that the grandmother still owns the property and has given Darlene power of attorney Darlene is rightfully hesitant to say give up a piece of property that can be used to provide money for the family, that is enough to bring Strife between Darlene Aunt Jackie and Becky to where Becky moves in with Aunt Jackie.

Things continue to go awry when the 2 come over for Thanksgiving dinner, Darlene says something to Jackie and Jackie decides to slap Darlene for what she said to make up there’s a family vote and they vote to reopen The Lunchbox.

Later on, Jackie realizes that she is way over her head when they discover that the maintenance and the property is not up to code and is it going to cost them a lot of money so Jackie ultimately decides to give up until the town of Landford decides to Kitchen to fix the restaurant after they hear about the struggle that they have.

In conclusion in both series, you learn about crowdsourcing or crowdfunding which is the process of receiving funding from the community rather than a bank, and private investing which is considered (OPM) which stands for other people’s money, in Fuller house Jimmy should have edited the date of opening instead of opening the day of error, in addition, Steve could have also avoided the whole issue of charging people for Less for sandwiches by simply editing the Groupon. Thank you for taking the time to read if you liked what you read and you feel like you learn something please feel free to like share and subscribe I’m always looking for sponsors so if you’re interested please email me at or sign up for Drum

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How to get organic traffic website, Channel or blog

If you’re advertising on Facebook it’s important to learn how to build your audience while you build your income these are some of the methods that I use on Facebook.

Relevant marketing

When I first started out blogging I used to advertise in groups either relevant to the market rational or relevant to your brand, for example, you’re a couple of groups I am a part of that help me get traffic organically

  1. Bloggers supporting bloggers
  2. Black lives matter
  3. Support black & minority businesses
  4. Twitter retweet
  5. Small business network
  6. Twitter hashtags


Collaborate with small streamers and bloggers who share the same interest as you meaning while you share their Channel or blog they share your blog or business.


SEO or also known as search engine optimization is the technique using the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website or blog by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine this is done by using keywords you can also research certain keywords to see how they trend online using Google analytics and other algorithmic tools.


As you build up your reputation the best I want to best way to get your stuff out of there is to network and word-of-mouth where whether it’s your friends or family or former coworkers that can give you a leg up Or through networking with people in your industry will have too many clients.


Go to network events in your area join groups on Facebook connect with people on Twitter and Instagram who are in your field and see what they’re doing that’s working.

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This one comes from an Instagram or that comes very close to my heart considering the fact that I’ve seen people of lost their lives to gang violence so for that I give you a started with nothing fisbanga

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