How businesses are adjusting to covid-19 era

Over the past several months since this pandemic has happened many businesses have had to either restructure their business or completely shut down and it has been devastating to see the results, many people have lost their lives their business & livelihood even their homes everything that they worked so hard for is gone in an instant it’s no secret that businesses have had to change a lot and now what used to be considered fantasy for something is now a reality.

On the corporate side when it comes to call centers they’re being done at home yes people are actually working from home and getting paid for it without investing any type of money unlike the MLM hunbots you see today.

on the education side a lot of kids K through 12 have been doing a lot of work online which has been challenging for many families however I am confident that this part will improve in addition to adapting to a new reality.

With Office Buildings now becoming a thing of the past it would be interesting to see these excess Office Space transformed into schools, medical facilities, Studios and learning facilities that’s kind of how we work started out it could work.

However according to some experts offices are not a thing of the past and people are split between the social pack lifestyle and the the remote working lifestyle that they’ve lived for the past 6 months my sister who works for a major corporation said that she would rather stay home instead of commuting 4 hours to and from work.

In New York City Governor Cuomo announced that he would be reopening schools however it will be different in a sense where students will go to school buildings on certain days and have remote learning on other days unlike Georgia who through their students Into the Fire and suspended two whistleblowers turns out for several kids who came down with covid-19 so they had to shut schools down anyway.

Movie theaters and Studios had to restructure their platforms as well some movies are being streamlined to VOD while other movies have been delayed so people can have the movie theater experience I personally like the movie theater experience however there are some who are getting used to the way things are now so our future has been reshaped by this pandemic we’ll never know what the aftermath is going to be.

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Stream Wars

As the streaming War wears on  Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, DC Universe, Apple TV,  BET + Disney Plus and soon-to-be HBO-MAX by Warner media things are looking a lot more expensive if you want to cut the cord alarm cable companies to step in and create bundles to become more relevant.

But are these streaming services worth it and what can we see in the next 2 years? Well let’s take a look at the newest one Disney Plus

Disney plus which launched on November 10, 2019 is starting off slow with its original content like the Mandalorian and Lady and the Tramp which are currently very successful especially with Mandalorian featuring a baby Yoda while spitting the rest of their content very slowly which reminds me a lot like its competitors DC Universe and CBS All Access is doing unlike Netflix and Hulu which consistently spits out content simultaneously.

However, Both Disney plus and DC Universe have both done something the rest of these streaming services have yet to do and that offers annual subscriptions rather than monthly

With DC Universe already on the horizon it is said that it may join HBO-MAX comes out in the spring of 2020 and is said to cost as much as Netflix which has raised their prices to $15 while phone companies have offered to pay for 1 year subscription to Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, cable companies who are trying to stay relevant as they are slowly being phased out by streaming services are offering to pay for the newer services such as Disney Plus.

There are some apps that are free in regards to streaming like TUBI TV, Pluto TV, IMDb TV, Vudu And Crackle you can also download individual apps such as the CW app NBC Fox & ABC just as an alternative if you’re not interested in watching paid content.

Now here’s what we can see in the next 2 years cable companies will become a thing of the past and will possibly try to offer you stream packages instead of the usual channels this would probably a better idea than what they have now

In closing Disney plus is worth it for a price of $6 a month and they also have bundle package with Hulu but I don’t know how that would work you can get it with Verizon for free for a year if you sign up for their 5G program.


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