To all ubereats partners

Listen up to all Uber Eats partners and McDonald’s personal these are very important notes for you to grasp because this is a consistent issue specially at McDonald’s.

Here’s a list of several things you should be doing when it comes to Uber orders

  • Try your best double-check the order before you handed off to the delivery worker
  • If you do not have a certain item that people often ask for making sure you take it off the list also check the product to make sure it looks exactly like how it should look if it doesn’t throw it out don’t send it and inform not only the delivery worker but Uber customer care you can even contact the customer or have you Uber delivery guy to wish for you.
  • Do not substitute it for something else without asking the customer.
  • Do not add anything the customer didn’t ask for
  • And most importantly if you’re having a bad day stay home unless the customer turns your day around
  • And under any circumstances are you to put liquid inside a paper bag all it does is ruin the Integrity of the bag

I got everything on that list except for the 4 apple pies that I ordered instead they sent over 2 Extra cheeseburgers that were not presented in the best light.

Being in customer service is a very hard and thankless job which is why while I support a living wage I also support scholarship programs and counseling are those in the service industry that need it do what you love do what you can tolerate but to not stay at a job where you going to be miserable I’ve made that mistake too many times to the point where I almost took my own life and made everyone all his life miserable now my job is tolerable but I still hate it be safe be healthy and remember guest experience something to grow on thank you to all the essential Food Service workers that are out there your job is far from Easy I know it and I respect it but everyone deserves a good meal.

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The honey pot company

In honor of women’s History Month, I want to talk about the honey pot company what is a black-owned female company that produces plant-based products for females.

Bea Dixon

Launched in 2014 by Bae Dixon who speaks about her experience with suffering from bacterial vaginosis months. She got the ingredients from a family recipe turn it down from generation to generation She created the formula for an effective, clean feminine wash and It worked!

Flash Forward to today Target decided to invest in her business and its own shows everywhere now because of the attention that she’s received her business is now booming however it does not come without unwarranted scrutiny over the idea that it’s a black-owned business and the fact that it has been paraded as such.

most of you guys already know I asked you for more black-owned businesses while I take out the black-owned in the advertisement in order to be more inclusive and others can also buy and they’re not so dependent on their community depending on the product at hand because not every product is made the same way especially when talking about hair products.

I applaud anybody who starts their own business because that is something not everybody can do no matter who it is we should always sport businesses such as long as. carry the products that we essentially need the one thing that makes this company great is that it is eco-friendly and organic which makes it safe or everybody doesn’t come with chemicals that they put in other products that may affect each and every person in a different way.

Because I’m not a female that’s all I have for you today so without further Ado let’s just jump into a shout out of the week and I am always looking for paid sponsors so if you are interested please send money to my cash app cash.Me/CEONX and if you’re interested in buying from Honeypot here are the locations where they are sold.




Solar charger

The Battery life on the solar charger sucks it only last for eight hours it doesn’t charge my phone as fast as the last one I bought, which Was the Ruipo. The solar charge is useless I left it there all morning and it still never charged The clip was cheap the charger was worth 20 bucks I’ve had many chargers with the same mAh and it lasted me longer

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Darren Marlar of Marlar house who does weird darkness and weird news daily also join Darren Marlar to Battle the darkness his campaign to help help people who struggle with depression and Suicidal thoughts which I’ve also struggled with in the past. Nothing is ever hopeless Talk to someone you’re not alone or download Wizdo on your phone

This one comes from an Instagram or that comes very close to my heart considering the fact that I’ve seen people of lost their lives to gang violence so for that I give you a started with nothing fisbanga

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