What is tiktok good for

Before I get into what Tick Tock is good for please watch the video down below of one of Tik Tok’s prominent content creators Emily Lyoness who has advocated for a multitude of things everything stemming from Mental Health to Social Justice Reform.

1st we need to talk about what Tik Tok is and how they adapt To some situations, Emily starts off by talking about the Tik Tok algorithm  And how it works essentially like YouTube and I guess Instagram and the rest of the other platforms you have your following page and you’re for you page which is essentially a recommendation it tries to find things that you’re interested in and recommended videos based on that sometimes you can find videos from your for the following page.

Companies like YouTube, Tik Tok, Vimeo twitch, and Dailymotion are not quite social media Giants they’re vlogosphere And can be shared onto other platforms for people to see on social media Unlike Facebook Twitter Instagram, and Pinterest which exclusively exist in its platform meaning you can’t share something on Facebook to Twitter like you can With  Blogosphere also these platforms monetize the industry and turn creators into advertisements for their advertisers.

Tik Tok has been suppressing content to protect vulnerable people on this app while trying to stand up for free speech I guess  But don’t see the Necessity Of some of the things that they have suppressed You can’t have # suicide Or depression So not only are they suppressing content that People need to hear But they also suppress Content this vital to human beings and mental health.

So what is Tik Tok good for, it was initially meant for feel-good content and business ads with that being said well I understand YouTube and Instagram has their short-form maybe the conversation can be moved from Tik Tok onto YouTube, Dailymotion Vimeo, or any other vlogosphere that you use which would eliminate multiple parts this is a strategy that can build up your YouTube channel however even  Still have to work out its kinks Especially when it comes to reviewers and reactionaries Which I will talk more in depth So Like and follow for Part two.

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Learning to face and accept your struggle

Since For some reason on tiktok a lot of people have been discussing suicide I figured I might as well talk about it too hopefully this reaches somebody who needs to hear it this is something that hits too close to home considering after my mom passed away I kind of fell into a depressive state and in November 2015 those thoughts were floating through my mind because at the time I wanted something that I couldn’t have.

Yesterday on August 11th I had gone to make deliveries try to achieve my quota and I was in an area of the city that was too familiar to me the point where I wanted to get out of that area to prevent Uber from sending me to place I didn’t want to go in a previous post I spoke about dealing with and accepting my cerebral palsy but five years ago I worked for a company that I absolutely loved and believed in and I wanted to move up in ranks I felt like because of my disability they would never be able to see my potential in ranks.

December 2015 I battle with the idea of committing suicide which every time I think back about it actually brings me to tears and shame that I was ever at that place, to begin with, to make it worse it was over something as stupid as a position I was passed over three times by people who I trained I was warned by my supervisor that no one was ever going to give me a promotion I should have listened but I thought I could persevere I failed and I was wrong.

There have been other people in my life that I know has been through depression I was actually worried about a friend who is talking about killing himself luckily he got a cat instead but back to the topic at hand today I had to face my demons so I text one of my old supervisors and apologized for being so difficult with him in the past for allowing my insecurities to effect him and the team I did this to hopefully move on and stop focusing on the past to no longer be ashamed of the things that I couldn’t control.

It was so bad I decided to go to California and stay in a Christian Rehabilitation home where I worked and lived for 6 months until I got better spoiler I didn’t and when I returned I chose to work at a job that until this day I know I’m unqualified to do and even hate because I couldn’t go back to a job I loved because I wanted to avoid pain and for a long time I avoided an area for the same reason.

This message is not about me as much as there is a lot of I and me in it this message is for anyone who may feel inadequate or who’s depressed because of whatever reason or even ashamed my message to you is don’t be ashamed all the things you cannot change but rather adapt to your reality and change it that way is that it gets better eventually your life has value unless your pedo then, in that case, you still need to get help.

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