What is tiktok good for

Before I get into what Tick Tock is good for please watch the video down below of one of Tik Tok’s prominent content creators Emily Lyoness who has advocated for a multitude of things everything stemming from Mental Health to Social Justice Reform.

1st we need to talk about what Tik Tok is and how they adapt To some situations, Emily starts off by talking about the Tik Tok algorithm  And how it works essentially like YouTube and I guess Instagram and the rest of the other platforms you have your following page and you’re for you page which is essentially a recommendation it tries to find things that you’re interested in and recommended videos based on that sometimes you can find videos from your for the following page.

Companies like YouTube, Tik Tok, Vimeo twitch, and Dailymotion are not quite social media Giants they’re vlogosphere And can be shared onto other platforms for people to see on social media Unlike Facebook Twitter Instagram, and Pinterest which exclusively exist in its platform meaning you can’t share something on Facebook to Twitter like you can With  Blogosphere also these platforms monetize the industry and turn creators into advertisements for their advertisers.

Tik Tok has been suppressing content to protect vulnerable people on this app while trying to stand up for free speech I guess  But don’t see the Necessity Of some of the things that they have suppressed You can’t have # suicide Or depression So not only are they suppressing content that People need to hear But they also suppress Content this vital to human beings and mental health.

So what is Tik Tok good for, it was initially meant for feel-good content and business ads with that being said well I understand YouTube and Instagram has their short-form maybe the conversation can be moved from Tik Tok onto YouTube, Dailymotion Vimeo, or any other vlogosphere that you use which would eliminate multiple parts this is a strategy that can build up your YouTube channel however even  Still have to work out its kinks Especially when it comes to reviewers and reactionaries Which I will talk more in depth So Like and follow for Part two.

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How small streamers can help support small businesses while on their path to affiliates

Currently through this pandemic a lot of small businesses have been hurting while small streamers are growing every twitch streamers dream is to become an affiliate or an influencer that is extremely possible before you reach a higher number.

Small streamers can actually use their platform to promote small businesses whether it be food, clothing or Tech this is even a great tactic to earn more big name sponsors.

Streamers are usually viewed all around the world including locally Here are a few tactics you can use to support small businesses as well as getting them to sponsor you

  • Wear their clothing
  • Wear stickers on your controller
  • Order from their restaurant live on stream
  • Or simply shout them out

In conclusion This is a symbiotic partnership we’re both streamers and small businesses can benefit from so why not just experiment with it. That’s all I have for you today check out my other blogs

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US Army Esports games

As you guys are aware the US Army has a twitch Channel well I’m not really shocked by that.

A lot of people have actually taken action to try to take them down off of twitch like representative Alexandria ocasio-cortez because they’re using giveaways to attract young impressionable children to join the military and people who asked about war crimes.

Now to Censor somebody for asking about anything nonetheless war crimes is somewhat of an issue because you’re restricting somebody is freedom of speech however you’re going to somebody else’s stream and asking them questions they probably don’t want to answer and it’s they’re right actually as long as they’re not using vulgar language for harassing people sexually then there’s no reason for you to actually ban them.

But I digress let’s get back through Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trying to ban the US Army from twitch while I am a fan of the Justice Democrats I also believe to try to ban whether it’s the US Army Police Athletic League or any type of positive influence within the Gaming community is counterproductive that’s like Banning Doctor Mike from YouTube.

I’d prefer positive influencers to engage young impressionable children then them joining a Street gang what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bill de Blasio fail to address is the constant violence Within poor minutes a one-year-old child was actually shot and kill a couple of weeks ago in Bed Stuy Brooklyn going back to what I was saying before we got to change the narrative we have changed how they see us and that’s what everyone even police needs to change the narrative.

In conclusion for those who are saying that US Army Esports is just spreading propaganda within the twitch community you guys fail to realize there are many military style games out there you have Call of Duty Modern Warfare, warzone, Halo Valorant, fortnite it’s just asinine anyway let me know what you guys think like comment subscribe I tried my best to stay on topic my comes to entrepreneurship and education also be sure to buy something from Amazon


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How to do Twitter marketing Like a Boss

Aside from promoting small businesses, I tend to promote small Steamers as well, one common trend that I see online is here’s a little to no excitement when promoting their stream even small businesses have trouble on Twitter because they’re doing it on their own instead of hiring an expert to come in and do it for them here are a few examples of what I am talking about.

This is one example of twitch streamers now let’s get down to small businesses

When promoting anything you have to use your imagination in order to get people excited for what you’re giving them there has to be a motivation a reward of some sort.

Within the stream and YouTube Community, one thing that I’ve seen quite often is this constant follow4follow which may sound good except if they don’t have the content that you want your really just going to leave or not watch the videos or going to do a simple Purge.

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Youtube demonstration & censorship issue

While I am not a YouTuber I tend to watch a lot of YouTube videos and subscribe to multiple channels in addition to promoting them.

As a blogger, I understand how hard they work to bring content to their Target audiences whether it’s news, business, politics, entertainment, education, health, gaming or technology, etc..

Which is why I am against the idea of censorship however it depends on the content we have to be responsible with the content we put out and we also have to do our best to monitor our target audience.

The thing about YouTube Facebook and twitch is that their terms of service can be extremely vague and I believe it’s like that for reason however does it make a right every person has a right to defend their position you can’t do that if they don’t tell you what they feel you did wrong.

One example of this is Twitch Banning dr. Disrespect and not even telling him why they banned him however name like dr. Disrespect he probably pissed somebody off but that’s his brand he’s a professional shit talker I’ve never seen his dreams before and never heard of him until he got banned from twitch another one of my favorite channels internet today formerly known as ETC which was an affiliate of Machinima before Rick and Elliot went their own separate ways their recent video where they talk about dr. Disrespect and Twitter Bitcoin hack


  had been taken down for some odd reson

Luckily there video was restored and classified as a mistake YouTube “accidentally” struck their video down in addition to that review and reaction videos & channels are being taken down with copyright strikes we’re allowing Studios to dictate how we critique and react to they’re content Disney struck down a video on the pre season finale of 911 of small YouTuber Tech & ish but didn’t strike down the 20 other episodes of 911 and 911 Lonestar that he reviewed.

It’s only going to get worse from here since Facebook just bought mixer which is now Facebook gaming (also side note if anyone on Facebook gaming needs me to promote their Channel you can DM me on Twitter and I’ll take care of you)

In conclusion, There have been many competitors to YouTube and Facebook however many have failed due to the lack of support there is a new startup called bitchute it has its issues you can’t cast it on your phone so it’s kind of like quibi in that sense you also have this other streaming service which is more of a pay-to-play type of thing called nebula which you probably have seen promotions for on Legal Eagles Channel the only way these companies are going to learn is there we boycott YouTube and Facebook by going to other platforms like mewe It’s the only social network built on trust, control and love or go back to Myspace.

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